New Year Weight Loss Hypnotherapy in Nottingham

Are you having a happy new year or are you counting the cost of overindulging on food and drink over the Christmas period? I know that for hypnotherapists this is one of the busiest times of the year as clients resolve to change their lifestyles and create a fresh start in January. As specialists in Continue reading »

Weight Loss Therapy Nottingham

If you are looking for weight loss therapy Nottingham then our clinics are the leading specialists in the East Midlands if not the country. For many years we successfully ran a weight loss hypnotherapy clinic in Harley Street in Central London and have seen thousands of clients who have needed help with their weight. Even Continue reading »

Reach Your Full Potential with Hypnotherapy in Grantham

Balance Hypnosis know how difficult it can be when you are suffering from negative thinking, bad habits or problems which feel like they are out of your control. Sometimes these issues may have gone on for years and they may be sapping you of time, money and energy. Even though these problems may seem unsolvable Continue reading »

Crush Emotional Eating with Newark Weight Loss Hypnotherapy

Our Newark Weight Loss Hypnotherapy specialises in helping people to get control over emotional eating. Now when people talk to us about eating emotionally they tend to talk about it in very generalistic terms. They know they would class themselves as an emotional eater but they just can’t place their finger on why exactly they are Continue reading »

Warning: You are Losing Money By Not Paying for Confidence Hypnosis

One of the biggest issues we see as hypnotherapists is people who are not willing to invest in themselves especially when that investment is linked to a psychological intervention rather than a material one. I am always shocked when a client feels that paying for three or four sessions of therapy is too expensive when Continue reading »

Ten Ways to Manage Anxiety

Anxiety Hypnotherapy in Nottingham As a leading Hypnotherapy Clinic in Nottinghamshire we know that at least fifty percent of our clients will suffer from anxiety in some form. Even though the people suffering from anxiety are distressed by the feelings of panic and unease we know that anxiety can be easily managed with professional help. Continue reading »

Binge Eating Hypnosis

Binge Eating Help in Nottinghamshire I was prompted to write this blog post after reading this Daily Mail story in the paper this morning. In the article the woman concerned explains how her life has been impacted by her constant need to binge eat. Sometimes the binge eating can go on for days and at Continue reading »

Weight Loss Hypnotherapy West Bridgford

Weight Loss Hypnosis in West Bridgford At Balance Hypnotherapy we believe that we are one of the leading practitioners in the country dealing with not only weight issues but also with all forms of eating issues or disorders. Over the past number of years we have seen hundreds of clients who wanted help with weight Continue reading »