Hypnotherapy to Stop Drinking

Hypnotherapy drinking NottinghamHypnosis For Drinking Problems

At Balance Hypnotherapy we work with clients who have addiction problems including those who have an issue with drinking more than they should. Our Hypnotherapy to Stop Drinking program is designed for those who binge drink or feel dependent on alcohol. We work with you to help you understand the reasons why you may be using alcohol as a means of escape and then work with you to tackle the underlying problem. For our Hypnotherapy for Drinking sessions we ask all our clients to commit to four sessions.*

What are The Signs You May Have a Drinking Issue?

  • The need to have a regular drink in the evening in order to relax
  • Not telling your family and friends about the extent of your drinking
  • Binge drinking or getting out of control
  • Solo drinking
  • Getting aggressive after you have drunk
  • Blacking out following a drinking session
  • Regularly feeling hungover
  • Letting drink impact work and home life

Hypnosis for Drinking Less

When we speak to you it is in complete confidentiality. Firstly we will discuss with you the extent of your issue with alcohol. We know that there are degrees of problems. Many of our clients simply want to drink slightly less to improve their health whilst others would like to make bigger lifestyle changes. Our Hypnotherapy to Stop Drinking or moderate alcohol program helps you to understand why you dissociate with alcohol so that we can tackle the emotions that are the root cause of your problem. For clients who are unable to attend sessions at our clinics we offer Skype or Facetime sessions. We also have a Drink Less Alcohol self hypnosis audio available in our online shop available to download today.*

Drink Less Alcohol mp3self hypnosis for drinking

Hypnosis to Quit Drinking

Before we begin working with any client we will take a full assessment to understand more about you. In particular we are looking at your lifestyle, medical history and past problems to understand where your issues may have begun. Once this information has been taken we usually start with suggestion hypnosis which is used to help increase your motivation and give subconsious messages for change. Our later sessions will involve deeper analytical work under hypnosis to address the root cause of the drinking. We know that typical reasons for drinking include stress, anxiety, low self esteem, depression and confidence issues. These negative feelings mean that many people use alcohol as a way of forgetting their problems. We help to reduce those negative feelings so that you can move forward without using alcohol as a crutch.*

Get Our Free Drink Less Cheat Sheet

If you are thinking about altering your drinking habits we have a free drink less cheat sheet which you can download in order to learn some simple tips and strategies to moderate your drinking.

    Free Drink Less Cheat Sheet

Hypnosis to Stop Drinking Wine

One of the biggest issues that we see with our clients is people who are drinking far too much wine in the evening. They may well have started to drink a glass of wine in the evening to unwind but as their habit increased they find that now they can easily drink one to two bottles every evening! Reducing this evening habit is a key part of our programs as this amount of alcohol can have a significant impact on the health of our clients.

Hypnotherapy Drinking Free Telephone Consultations 

To find out more about our Hynotherapy to Stop Drinking or moderate alcohol program or any of our other treatments simply call us today on the number below or email us to get a call back from a hypnotherapist.

Disclaimer*Please note that as this is a form of therapy we are unable to guarantee results which may vary from person to person.


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