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At Balance Hypnotherapy we have worked with thousands of clients over the years to help them with their fears and phobias. We know that a debilitating fear or anxiety can be extremely disruptive and when it comes to flying it can make it into an extremely traumatic experience. We are specialists in helping our clients change their mindset about being in a plane and our fear of flying hypnosis program in Nottingham works with you to tackle the irrational thoughts that may be holding you back.

The key to helping you stop feeling anxious when you are on a plane is to help you understand the reasons for your irrational thoughts so that you can think in a calmer and more logical manner. These calmer thoughts help you to control feelings of anxiety and panic allowing you to enjoy your flight.*

The Reasons Why People Have a Fear of Flying

Most people are unaware that their anxiety symptoms about flying very rarely have anything to do with planes at all. Even though our clients may feel anxious or suffer panic attacks in an airport or on a plane that doesn’t automatically mean that this is the root cause of the problem. Our experience has shown that the real root cause is often something very different.

Here are some of the most common reasons why people may experience a panic response when it comes to flying:

Claustrophobia and Flying Fears

One of the most common reasons why our clients worry about flying is because of a fear of being trapped or confined in a small space. When the door closes on the plane and they put their seat belt on it feels constricting and can start the panic response as they don’t feel comfortable or safe.

We know that this form of flying fear hasn’t started because of planes but because of some other moment when they have felt scared in a similar situation. When we investigate the root causes of our client’s problems we have discovered situations from childhood where our clients have been trapped in a small space and it made them feel vulnerable and scared. All their mind is doing when they get on the flight is reminding them to not allow a similar thing to happen again and to get out. Claustrophobia hypnosis can help you to manage those fears.

Learning and discovering the root cause of the problem through fear of flying hypnosis can make a big difference to their enjoyment of the actual flight.

A Need to Be In Control 

If you have a need to be in control all the time and would describe yourself as a “control freak” then this could be another reason for your fear of flying. The need to be in charge is usually there because of safety reasons learned as a child.

The reality is however that only the pilot and the flight crew have the skills to be able to handle an aircraft. A commercial pilot is highly trained and skilled so it makes no sense for an ordinary person to think that they can do what they can. In addition, we like to remind our clients that there are many areas in their life where they are not in charge but they probably haven’t realised it. Understanding this can help to reduce anxiety symptoms.

The Need to Escape

There are plenty of reasons our clients may experience a fear of flying including the need to have an escape route at all times.

It is not unusual for this to be triggered because as a child they were a victim of a problem such as bullying. Trying to be in situations where there was a need for escape routes can lead to hypervigilance and feeling on edge all the time.

A plane clearly is not designed to allow you to leave whilst you are in mid-air but our therapy in cases like these remind our clients that the other passengers are not a threat.

Unfamiliarity With Noise and Sounds

The noise in an aircraft can also make people feel tense and uncomfortable especially as they are not sounds that we are used to. An anxious flyer will hear certain buzzers or bongs made by the cabin crew on the intercom and worry about what they mean.  A seasoned flyer will understand they are to signal to the cabin crew to unbuckle their seat belts because they are at cruising altitude.

Calming anxiety related to these fears is something that fear of flying hypnotherapy can really help with because it is deeply relaxing. Our positive suggestions, visualisation techniques, coaching and relaxation techniques help you to feel more at home on an aircraft.

Flying Fears and Turbulence

Turbulence is another area that makes our clients worry about flying. The assumption is that the movement from turbulence is in some way dangerous or unsafe and will create a plane crash. The fact is however that turbulence is a perfectly normal part of the flying experience and is the equivalent of driving over a bumpy road.

Even extreme turbulence is very rarely dangerous. In the United States, only 3 people have died from turbulence since 1980. As around 800 or 900 million people fly each year the chances of anything happening to you are virtually non-existent.

One thing our experience with clients has taught us is that fears around turbulence are often a trigger reminder of scary fairground rides that they may have experienced as a child.

The Need to Be Near Family

A rarer reason for our clients to feel worried or panicked is because of the need to be near their family. Travelling away from elderly or sick parents can trigger fears of guilt and anxiety. This leads to panic in the aircraft as a part of them feels they need to stay on the ground and go home to the people they love.

Social Phobia

If you have a social phobia which is a worry about embarrassing yourself in front of others or being judged then other passengers can trigger your fears. We have many clients who think that they may do something foolish whilst they are on the plane and create a scene. This worry or dread makes them avoid plane travel where they can.

Hypnosis for social anxiety is something that can help you manage these thoughts so you feel calmer and more confident when you are sitting on a plane with others.

Fear of Traveling

Hodophobia or fear of travelling is also a reason for flying anxiety. Fears and phobias can be helped through a combination of hypnosis and NLP techniques to help relax the fear response.

Generalised Anxiety Disorder 

If you already have other forms of anxiety then it is not unusual that these can be connected to your flying worries. When we work with our clients we are not looking at their flying anxiety in isolation. Instead, our fear of flying hypnosis spends time addressing all your anxiety issues to see what the underlying triggers are. Discover the trigger condition with anxiety hypnosis and the other anxieties can disappear.

Does Hypnosis Work for Flying Fears?

Hypnotherapy for a fear of flying works well because it helps you to manage the fear on two levels. Firstly the deep relaxation from hypnosis can help to lower anxiety and stress thereby helping you to feel calmer and more in control. Secondly, analytical hypnosis helps you to address the root causes of the problem allowing a hypnotherapist to aim therapy at the actual problem instead of just general flying work.

Why Fear of Flying Course May Not Help

Whilst fear of flying courses such as those run by the big airlines can help some people they may not be that useful at tackling your particular anxiety. Group sessions are generic which means they are not tailored to your particular circumstances. They are also likely to concentrate on flying only rather than some of the other reasons for the fears.

Individual therapy is likely to have a higher success rate because a hypnotherapist will work with you to address any anxieties you may have rather than just focus on an area that may not tell the whole story.

This is why we believe our fear of flying courses in The East Midlands and Nottinghamshire are more comprehensive than courses that don’t investigate the root causes of your problem.

Self-Hypnosis for Fear of Flying

We know that many of our clients try and self-medicate before a flight by using prescription drugs or alcohol. This is not a great idea as it doesn’t solve the underlying anxiety but tries to mask it. Doctors are also increasingly refusing to medicate for this particular problem leaving many of our clients fearful of how they will manage their flights in the future. We believe it makes more sense to address the problem rather than put up with the fears.

This is why our self-hypnosis for a Fear of Flying download can be a natural way to help. Self-hypnosis helps to relax the mind by helping it to enter a trance like state. We give all our clients a fear of flying audio download to listen to as part of their therapy program that they can use at home as well as during the flight. This can help them to manage their anticipatory anxiety before a flight as well as help naturally calm any nerves whilst in the cabin.

We recommend that this audio is used on a regular basis before taking a flight and for at least 21 days in the lead up to your flight.*

If you are unable to attend our clinic then you can buy our Fear of Flying audio download from our online shop.

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Hypnosis for Flying Phobia

Our Hypnotherapy Clinics in Nottinghamshire help you to understand the way in which your mind processes fear so that you can create new behaviours to change the way you think, feel and behave. In our fear of flying hypnotherapy sessions, we challenge your unhelpful ways of thinking and help you to replace your negative thoughts with new positive ways of reacting.*

Client Testimonial

Let me just start by saying what a life-changing experience I have had with my hypnotherapy treatment with Martina. I have had a crippling fear of flying which has been life-limiting for me for many years. This was the last chance for me as I have tried everything else. Martina immediately put me at ease and helped me to understand my fears. I found it increasingly easy to be calm and relaxed and I believe this is why she has been so successful in my treatment. I cannot thank Martina enough for the positive and complete turnaround I have had in my day to day life. Martina is a very talented lady and I would personally recommend her all day and every day.

Thank you again Martina. (J Booth 2018)*

Booking Your Fear of Flying Program

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Disclaimer*Please note that as this is a form of therapy we are unable to guarantee results which may vary from person to person.

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