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hypnotherapy in LincolnshireHypnosis Lincolnshire

Are you feeling overwhelmed, anxious or tired of any unhelpful thoughts, feelings or behaviours? Do you want to make positive changes to your mental and physical health? If so our Hypnotherapy in Lincolnshire can help.

We are experts in helping our clients with mindset and behavioural change through the use of hypnotherapy, Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Coaching. Our extensive experience has shown that hypnotherapy can make a difference in thoughts and feelings which can enable our clients to make a difference in their lives often in only a handful of hypnosis sessions.

We are solution-focused which means that we work with you to change unwanted habits, improve your mindset and create positive change.

Why Therapy Can Help 

So why can our clinical hypnotherapy in Lincolnshire help? Well because in our hypnotherapy sessions we can assist you in finding out the root causes of your problem by dealing with the subconscious mind.

Unlike Cognitive Behavioural Therapy which deals with your conscious mind, our clinical hypnosis works on the secondary levels as well by dealing with automated thoughts and feelings.

The subconscious mind is a part of your brain that governs thoughts, feelings and habits and is generally working away in the background without you having much conscious awareness of its existence. Yet it is this subconscious level that also contains our bad habits, negative thoughts, fears and anxieties which can prevent us from being able to achieve what we want from life.

During clinical hypnotherapy sessions, we are to access this part of your mind to help you understand the reasons why you may be experiencing problems and then therapy can be aimed at the actual issues.

Therapeutic Approaches With Clinical Hypnosis

Contrary to popular belief you are not out of control during clinical hypnotherapy sessions, asleep or undergoing mind control. Instead as therapists, we are on a mission to lead you on a journey where you can explore your innermost thoughts and feelings to help you overcome old outdated ways of behaving that are no longer helpful to you.

Your hypnotherapist is there to help you enter a state of deep relaxation and whilst you are in that comfortable zone we are able to give you suggestions to help train your mind to think differently. This solution-focused hypnotherapy is a tool that works with you to help you achieve your goals and positive outcomes.

Whilst you are in that relaxed state it is also easier to ask you questions about your thoughts and feelings that can help you to rationalise and understand your issues so that you can tackle them in a new way. Hypnosis is a great way of creating behaviour change for our clients by exploring your mind in a more effective way.

A clinical hypnotherapist can work with you either in person or using online therapy to treat everything from anxiety issues to weight loss.

Lincolnshire Hypnotherapist

Our sessions are conducted by a fully qualified clinical hypnotherapist. They are not only senior qualified in their field but they also are an experienced hypnotherapy supervisor meaning that they are able to train and supervise other hypnotherapists.

Experience and education count when you are a clinical hypnotherapist. This is why we stand out from many hypnotherapy clinics and hypnotherapists who may have bought their credentials online without adequate training.

Our hypnosis training was conducted at Thames Valley University and involved extensive training with clients in person. This course was also backed by the General Hypnotherapy Register and the National Council for Hypnotherapy. In addition, we also passed the gold standard HPD course.

In addition to our considerable training, we have been working for well over a decade with clients to help them achieve positive outcomes. Our work has been so successful we have been featured in The Sun, The Daily Mirror, The Telegraph, and The Daily Mail. We have also regularly featured on the Radio including the BBC as well as LBC.

hypnotherapy in Lincolnshire

Hypnosis Treatments

Our Clinical Hypnotherapy in Lincolnshire is designed to help people with a wide range of problems. We offer therapy to help with mental health-related issues, unhelpful thoughts and behaviours as well as bad habits and confidence issues. Here are just some of the programs we offer to help you take back control.

Anxiety Hypnosis

Solution-focused hypnotherapy can be a useful way to treat anxiety. We offer a safe environment where our clients can get therapy to help with fears, phobias and anxiety-related issues.

We take a holistic approach with our anxiety hypnosis by not just looking at the presenting problem but helping our clients to understand how their past experiences, current lifestyle and stress levels can impact their anxiety levels. Hypnotherapy for anxiety can make a real difference to unhelpful feelings without the need for medication.

Anxiety problems can encompass GAD, Post Traumatic Stress Disorders (PTSD), Social Anxiety, Panic Disorder and OCD.

Help for Panic Attacks

Panic attacks can be extremely frightening and disturbing especially when you don’t understand why they are occurring. A senior qualified clinical hypnotherapist can help you to understand why you may be experiencing them and give you strategies to manage your problem.

Although many panic attacks seem to appear without a reason there is usually an underlying logical reason for them. Unlike Cognitive Behaviour Therapy our hypnotherapy sessions can help you to focus your mind to find the answers for anxiety-related conditions.

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Weight Loss

We currently offer a five-session weight loss hypnosis program to help our clients change their relationship with food. Our approach to weight loss involves mindful eating, lifestyle change and help with emotional eating.

In addition to weight loss hypnosis, we can offer help for sugar and chocolate cravings, picky eating and help for food phobias.

Stop Smoking Programs

Our stop smoking hypnotherapy program in Lincolnshire consists of two one-hour sessions which are taken a week apart. When we assist with smoking issues we look at stress, habit reversal and lifestyle changes.

For stop smoking therapy to work, we ask that all our clients call to book sessions themselves and have some motivation to quit in order to increase their chances of success.

Sleep and Insomnia

Sleep hypnosis therapy works by helping our clients to learn to quieten their minds so that they can beat their insomnia. We have a program that can help with stress reduction, sleep hygiene and addressing any root causes for disturbed sleep.

We see clients for a minimum of two sessions however more may be required if there are problems with issues such as anxiety which may need to be addressed.

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Stress Management

Our hypnotherapy in Lincolnshire has a considerable focus on stress reduction particularly as this problem is linked with so many of our client’s issues.

Learning to manage stress is hugely important for good mental health. If it is left unchecked it can lead to anxiety, depression, irritable bowel syndrome, sleep issues and many more problems.  This is why we help our clients audit their lifestyle and habits during sessions to help them lower stress.

All our clients receive a free hypnosis download as part of their treatment which can help them to feel deeply relaxed with practice.

Confidence and Self-Esteem Problems

A lack of confidence or low self-esteem can negatively impact your work, create relationship issues and lead to anxiety and depression. It can also stop you from reaching your amazing potential.

We help our clients with a self-esteem and confidence-building program to help them understand the thoughts that may be holding them back. When these thoughts are challenged with confidence hypnotherapy we can help our clients reach their goals.

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Pain Management

Whilst hypnosis is not used with short-term pain issues it can be helpful with long-term pain where there is a psychological element causing part of the distress.

A clinical hypnotherapist can work with you on pain issues that your doctor or consultant has been unable to resolve with conventional methods.

Fears and Phobias

Our hypnotherapy in Lincolnshire also has sessions to help you with all the major fears and phobias. This includes fear of flying hypnosis, driving therapy, public speaking help and fear of spiders to name just a few examples of phobia help.

Areas Covered By Our Hypnosis Clinics

Our hypnotherapy clinics cover a large area of South and North Lincolnshire, Nottinghamshire, Leicestershire and Derbyshire. If you would like to speak to a clinical hypnotherapist in Lincolnshire then our hypnosis and Neuro-linguistic Programming sessions are within easy reach of the following areas:

Lincoln, Boston, Spalding, Grimsby, Scunthorpe, Grantham, Bourne, Cleethorpes, Stamford, Skegness and Woodhall Spa.

Online Therapy Sessions

If you are unable to visit us at one of our clinics we also offer online hypnotherapy worldwide. Currently, we conduct sessions via Zoom, Facetime and Skype to help our clients no matter where they are.

Online therapy is safe and effective and allows you to work on your problems from the comfort of your own home. This means that you no longer have to worry about finding the time to get to your sessions saving you considerable time and effort.

To find out more about our online therapy sessions give us a call for more information.

Booking Your Hypnotherapy Sessions In Lincolnshire

To arrange a program of hypnotherapy in Lincolnshire or speak to a clinical hypnotherapist you can call us for a free initial consultation on the phone at the number below. During this phone call, you can get more information about our sessions and how they work as well as discuss our current prices.

01636 650 521

*Please note that as this is a form of therapy we are unable to guarantee results which may vary from person to person

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