Binge Eating Recovery Without New Year Resolutions

Binge Eating RecoveryHappy New Year and welcome to a new decade! Today I thought I would talk about New Year Resolutions because there is barely a binge eater that I have worked with who hasn’t spent their January promising to diet, “eat healthier” or cut back on their food. In fact for most binge eaters these resolutions don’t take place once a year but almost daily or weekly! When you realise that only around 4% of people making New Year Resolutions manage to stick to their goal you might want to consider a new way of approaching your binge eating recovery.

Compulsive Eating and Dieting

I know that currently every magazine, slimming club and TV program will be trying to convince you that the only way to solve your food problem this year is by going on another diet. They want to persuade you to eat lettuce and cut out carbs or eat too much protein or even starve yourself on a couple of days a week. They present images to you like the blog picture of a happy woman clutching a plate of salad. Whatever marketing you see just start to walk away. Compulsive eating and binge eating recovery is not helped by yet another type of diet.

Overeating Disorder

Binge eating (when diagnosed) is an eating disorder. These magazines, slimming clubs and programs should never be addressing their marketing at you.This is because the one thing ever expert knows about binge eating is that it gets worse when you restrict your food – fact! So the more you try and cut back on the calories the more you are going to eat.

People are brainwashed by what they hear from the media and convince themselves that it must be them that is at fault because they are unable to stick to eating a tiny amount of calories on yet another diet. This fuels negative thoughts which you guessed it creates more binge eating. If you want to find more about the real causes of binge eating disorder head on over to my blog on the subject.

How to Stop Binge Eating cheat Sheet

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Binge Eating Treatment

There are so many better ways to change you eating habits than making diet resolutions that are bound to fail. This year you need to think about tackling the psychological reasons for your behaviours and link your emotional to your physical hunger. Then and only then can you start to move to normal eating patterns. Our Self Hypnosis to Stop Binge Eating download can help to change subconscious thought patterns if you are looking for self help methods.

self hypnosis binge eating and compulsive eating download
self hypnosis to stop binge eating disorder

Want bespoke one to one help to get there? My Binge Eating Therapy program can help you take a different approach to altering the way you eat by helping you to understand the root causes of the problem. When you understand why your mind is binge eating food then you can work on the underlying unhelpful thought patterns to create positive change. I don’t offer miracle diets, exercise programs or unrealistic fads instead we work on common sense psychological approache to help my clients in their binge eating recovery. Just contact me on the email below if you want to arrange a free confidential chat about my program.

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