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As well as our bespoke Weight Loss Hypnotherapy services we are also leading experts in the Hypno-Band Virtual Gastric Band system. This method of weight loss hypnosis was developed by a leading hypnotherapist to try and fool the subconscious into believing it has a gastric band fitted. The Hypno-Band system is trademarked and quality controlled which means that it can only be offered by fully qualified and licensed hypnotherapists. Balance Hypnosis offer Gastric Band Hypnosis in Nottingham and also in Newark on Trent.*

Gastric Band Hypnosis works by using a combination of hypnotherapy, cognitive behavioural therapy and mindfulness to teaching you to change the way in which you eat. Unlike the real gastric band operation this method is safe and natural. During each of your sessions you will be shown how to start to pay attention to your body and the signals that it gives you telling you when it is full and when it is hungry. In the therapy we also work with you to identify any emotional triggers for your eating and where possible assist you to overcome your old way of eating.*

How does the Virtual Gastric Band Work?

The first session with your Gastric Band Hypnotherapist is spent discussing any issues that you have with eating as well as any other significant issues which may have impacted you emotionally or physically. You may be asked questions about anxiety, depression, family problems, sleep disorders and even fears and phobias. This is because many people overeat for emotional reasons and we like to identify areas which could potentially create a problem. In addition we also will give you a set of Mindful eating rules to follow between your sessions. If there is time at the end of this session you will be given your first hypnotherapy session.

During sessions two and three your therapist may explore with you the reasons why you believe you are overeating. Gastric Band Hypnotherapy looks at emotional patterns of eating and where possible challenges your old negative behaviours. Where possible we may also try and identify why your overeating began so that you understand why you turn to food as a comfort. In addition to analytical hypnosis we also use standard suggestion to help you visualise a smaller stomach so that imagine yourself eating less.*

Generally the Virtual Gastric Band surgery takes place at session four. This session uses suggestion hypnosis to help your subconscious visualise a virtual operation where a band is fitted around your stomach to reduce the amount of food that you  eat. Depending on the individual this session may be left until the last session.*

Free Gastric Hypnotic Band Consultations

Before booking any clients in to our clinic we spend around twenty minutes with you on the phone to make sure that you are fully aware of what the process entails. You may be asked medical questions to assess your suitability. We also will make you aware that this process requires a level of input from the person signing up to the procedure.  If you choose not to follow the tasks that have been set for you then the band is unlikely to be successful.

Who is suitable for Gastric Band Hypnosis?

Our Gastric Band Hypnosis Nottingham program is designed for people who have a body mass index that is greater than 25 and who are willing to put effort into losing weight. The procedure is not suitable for people who:

  • Have a physiological reason for being overweight.
  • Have a thyroid problem which has not been stabilised.
  • Have an eating disorder such as bulimia or anorexia.
  • Have mental health issues other than anxiety or mild depression.

Will the Hypno-Band work for me?

Hypnosis does not involve magic although the results that many people get from their sessions may be life changing for many. As with any weight loss system it does require input from the person attending the session. That means listening to your audios, filling out your food diaries and following the rules that you are given. If you choose not to do the tasks given the process is unlikely to get you the results you want. Gastric Band Hypnotherapy helps by equipping you with the tools to create a healthier lifestyle but you must be serious about making changes to your current lifestyle.

Gastric Band Hypnotherapy Download

For clients who are unable to attend sessions at our clinics or conduct sessions via Skype or Facetime we have a gastric band hypnotherapy program available from our online shop. This contains five audios which will allow you to follow a program of self hypnosis for weight loss.*

Gastric Band Hypnotherapy Downloadbuy now

Will I be out of Control under Hypnosis?

Under hypnosis you are in fact the person who is in control at all times. We are unable to make you do anything under hypnosis that you do not want to do.

Do you Offer Guarantees?

No form of medical procedure or therapy can offer a guarantee. Even clinics who offer  Gastric Band surgery are aware that there is a considerable failure rate. The key to success with the Hypno-Band is you. If you do not put in 100% commitment and continue to eat badly and not exercise then it will not work. You only lose significant amounts of food by eating less, eating healthier and exercising. The Hypno-Band sessions give you the tools to change your behaviour and lifestyle but you must be prepared to implement them.

How May Sessions Does the Process Take?

Gastric Band Hypnosis takes place over five one hour sessions spread roughly one week apart. Each session lasts for one hour. If you book sessions with us you are required to finish the full program within ten weeks of your starting date. Please not that if you require additional issues to be resolved such as smoking or anxiety reduction then extra sessions may be required.

Booking Your Gastric Band Hypnotherapy

For more information about Gastric Band Hypnosis in Nottingham or to book your sessions please call us on:

Disclaimer*Please note that as this is a form of therapy we are unable to guarantee results which may vary from person to person.

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