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If you find it incredibly difficult to control the amount of food that you eat especially high fat and sugar junk food then you may have a problem with food addiction. Typically when we see people who are addicted to food they will have tried every diet going in order to lose weight. These diets generally only help in the short term but over time the problem returns and the weight starts to creep up again. Not every food addict will however weigh too much. Many will be able to maintain a normal weight but only because they are excessively exercising or purging to avoid weight gain. Our Food Hypnotherapy is designed to help you to understand the reasons behind your problem so that you can make changes to the real problem that is continuing the issue.*

Hypnosis to Stop Eating Junk Food

Many food addicts would label themselves as greedy or lazy because they are out of control around food but this is very rarely the case. Generally there a psychological reasons which are creating the problem and in the majority of cases they are unnoticeable to the person experiencing the problem. In the past your subconscious learned a way of coping with a problem by eating to dissociate from the issue through eating. Once that behaviour was learned your subconscious now repeats the same behaviour again and again. So if for example you are experiencing a stressful situation then you immediately turn to food to help and whilst you are eating you forget about your problem for a short period of time. This food generally tends to be junk food  such as biscuits, crisps or fast food.*

Food Hypnotherapy Nottingham

We know that many overweight people think that surgery is a good way to stop the overeating but for this form of problem it has a high failure rate. In the short term most people who have had weight loss surgery will lose weight but in the longer term the old behaviours resurface and the weight begins to pile on again. This is because bariatric surgery does not address the real reasons for that persons problem with food. Hypnotherapists work with their clients to get a better understanding of why the problem exists and then work with their clients to alter the way that they think about the issue.*

Self-Hypnosis for Food Addiction

If you have a problem with overeating or feel that you are addicted to food then our four part weight loss mp3 download can help. This audio tackles emotional eating, cravings and portion control and can be purchased in our online store.

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Hypnosis for Food Cravings

At Balance Hypnotherapy Nottingham we are highly experienced at working will all forms of eating issues including food addiction. When we work with this form of problem we ask our clients to attend a five session program which takes place over a period of one to two months. At the very start of the program we take a full assessment so we can understand the extent of your problem and also whether anything else may be increasing the need for food. Once we have this information we begin to work with you to discover the reasons why you may be continuing a self destructive behaviour. Many of these subsequent sessions involve analytical hypnosis which tends to be much more interactive than general hypnosis. At no point are you asleep or out of control during these sessions instead you are in a more relaxed state which enables us to find out information which would not be immediately obvious in a very conscious state of mind. Once we have a better understanding of where the problem lies then our therapy becomes more solution focussed to move you forward into more positive behaviours.*

Food Addiction Therapy Online

If you ware unable to attend sessions at one of our clinics in person we also offer Hypnotherapy for Food Addiction online. This means that you are able to undergo the therapy no matter where you are in the world providing you have a good internet connection. We also offer a number of weight loss hypnosis downloads in our online shop which may be able to assist you with your particular problem.*

Booking Your Sessions

If you would like to book our Food Hypnotherapy program or would like to speak to a therapist about your issues then please feel free to give us a call for a free telephone consultation. You can reach us on:

Disclaimer*Please note that as this is a form of therapy we are unable to guarantee results which may vary from person to person.

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