Driving Hypnosis for Driving Fears

It is far from unusual for us to see clients experiencing problems with driving anxiety and its associated issues. When many people drive they feel that they are out of control, that they are in danger or that they are trapped in the vehicle so feelings of panic start. Sometimes this fear is triggered because Continue reading »

Hypnosis to Stop Sugar Addiction

For our clients who have never experienced hypnosis before the expectations set for a single hypnosis session can be unrealistic. This is because TV and stage hypnosis has given people the impression that all someone needs to do is sit in my chair for an hour, I put them into a coma and by magic Continue reading »

Enclosed Space Hypnosis

Many of our clients contact us for anxiety related issues or problems with fears and phobias and never realise that they suffer from claustrophobia.  They might have spent a lifetime avoiding flying, felt panic when they are are in crowds or found it difficult to get into a lift or use an MRI scanner but Continue reading »

Hypnotherapy for Exams Nottingham

Hypnosis for Exams in Nottinghamshire April, May and June are the traditional exam time for not only pupils at school but also for university students and people pursuing adult education. Now whilst exams are never going to be pleasant, for some people the ordeal of revision and turning up at the exam hall strikes them Continue reading »

Self-Hypnosis for Claustrophobia – Self-Help for Anxiety

Hypnotherapy for Claustrophobia Claustrophobia is simply a term used to describe a fear or a phobia that you may have when you are in enclosed spaces. In most cases this fear has been caused from an incident where you have felt trapped or were unable to get out of a situation usually when you were Continue reading »

Help for Phobias in Nottingham

If you suffer from a fear or a phobia then you are not alone as it is estimated that around 10% of the population are likely to have a problem with one in their lifetime. Many go relatively unnoticed because it is possible to avoid the problem that is giving you the fear but when Continue reading »

Weight Loss Classes in Nottingham

Unlike traditional weight loss courses which tend to run their sessions in groups we like to work with our clients on a one to one basis. Our Weight Loss Classes in Nottingham are designed this way because we know that each individual we see needs tailor made sessions rather than a generic offering. Typical slimming Continue reading »

Sleep Hypnosis Nottingham- Try our Natural Aid to Restoring Normal Sleeping Patterns.

Hypnotherapy for Sleep Nottinghamshire If you are one of the millions of people out there who suffer from insomnia then you need to understand exactly why the problem is occurring and what natural methods you can use to resolve the issue quickly. Note I say natural sleep aids rather than artificial ones. Whilst I am Continue reading »

Hypnotherapy for Fear of Dogs – Cynophobia Help

A Dog Phobia is one of the most common phobias that we have to work with at our clinics. After the dreaded spiders and snakes a fear of dogs comes up extremely high on the list of animal phobias that we treat. Before working with any of our clients we always check whether our clients Continue reading »

Selective Eating Disorder Treatment in Nottingham

At Balance Hypnosis we frequently see clients who suffer from SED. Whether the client is a child or an adult the common problem is that they all tend to eat a very restrictive diet and they do not like trying new food stuffs. This would not be so problematic if it wasn’t for the fact Continue reading »