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Hypnotherapy MansfieldHypnosis in Mansfield

At Balance Hypnotherapy we run one of the leading clinics in the UK for hypnosis therapy. We have helped thousands of clients get their life back on track with our hypnotherapy in Mansfield as well as worldwide with our online therapy. Our Nottinghamshire clinics work with people like you to get rid of unhelpful thoughts, feelings and behaviour through our unique mix of hypnosis, coaching and neuro-linguistic programming.

Our solution-focused hypnotherapy sessions are tailored to your individual requirements to help you overcome obstacles and thoughts that might be preventing you from getting the best out of your life. We recognise that helping out clients improve their physical and mental health can be transformative which is why we love helping people like you make positive changes by altering their mindsets.

Mansfield Hypnosis Clinic

Our Hypnotherapy in Mansfield Nottinghamshire is designed to be relaxing, informative and a therapy to help you understand the root causes of your problem. In order to the very best results we can for our clients, we take a holistic approach to your health.

Holistic hypnosis is a way of looking not just at the problem that you currently have but addressing lifestyle issues, stress as well as past events to make a bigger difference in therapy.

All our methods are entirely natural, unlike medication which means there are no nasty side effects. This means it is a great way of helping not just adults make changes but children (over 1o) and teens as well.

Why Therapy Can Help

Talking therapies such as hypnosis are a well-researched method of helping people to change unhelpful thoughts, feelings or behaviours.

Sharing a problem with an expert gives you a good chance of making positive changes as they have considerable experience working and helping people like you.

Therapy is a way of getting help to understand why you may have a problem and then using a solution-focused approach to overcoming any negative thoughts or feelings that might be preventing you from success.

Our Hypnotherapy in Mansfield is designed to help you naturally think about things differently and assists you in implementing positive strategies for success.

Choosing The Best Hypnotherapist in Mansfield

The key we believe to making a difference is choosing a clinical hypnotherapist who has considerable knowledge, experience and expertise to help you make the changes you need.

Hypnotherapy in the UK is currently unregulated which means that anyone can decide that they are going to be a practitioner and set themselves up to see members of the general public. Many practitioners may never have completed specialist training or just attended a very short course (sometimes completed online) and then started to advertise for clients many of who may have severe psychological problems. Even some of the practitioners who have done the full training work on a part-time basis which means they simply will not have the experience to get great results.

We are significantly different to many practitioners as:

  • Our practitioners are senior qualified.
  • We work full time and have seen thousands of clients.
  • Our training has been at an incredibly high level and was University Backed.
  • We have worked in one of the premier locations for psychological therapies (Harley Street).
  • We have a significant number of testimonials on our website to demonstrate our ability to create success.
  • We are supervisors in our field qualified to train other hypnotherapists.
  • We are registered as senior practitioners with The General Hypnotherapy Register.
  • Our work has featured in publications such as The Sun, The Mirror, The Telegraph and The Daily Mail.
  • We use methods that help to address the root of your problems instead of just giving coping strategies.*
hypnotherapy in Mansfield

What to Expect From Our Therapy Sessions and Programs

During our sessions you will never be out of control, asleep or made to do something that you don’t want. Instead, you will be in a nicely relaxed state which is a bit similar to daydreaming. While you are in this relaxing hypnosis “trance” we can give suggestions to your subconscious mind to help you create change. As part of our packages we offer:

  • A short free initial consultation on the phone to help you ask questions about our programs.
  • A bespoke therapy program which is tailored to your individual needs.
  • A free mp3 to assist you with self-hypnosis at home.
  • A positive and caring approach to help you create solutions.

Hypnotherapy Treatments Available

We offer solution-focused hypnotherapy help in Mansfield Nottinghamshire for the following problems.  If you don’t see your particular problem on the list please call us to see if we can help as we deal with many other issues that are too numerous to place on our website.

Anxiety Therapy

If you feel anxious or worried we can work with you to calm your fears and help you feel more in control. Anxiety can be managed naturally with hypnosis.

Our anxiety therapy covers fears and phobias, social anxiety disorder, panic attacks and generalised anxiety. We offer bespoke programs to suit your particular circumstances and needs.

Confidence Coaching

We work with our clients in Mansfield Nottinghamshire to help them build their confidence and self-esteem. Sometimes all our clients need is a helping hand with a test or interview whilst our more comprehensive programs deal with longer-term issues related to confidence.

Drink Less Programs

One of our most popular programs is our drink-less therapy. We work with our clients to help them take control of their drinking and break bad habits. This program is not suitable for people with alcoholism or in need of detox programs.

Help for Driving Fears

Whether you have a fear of driving or are worried about a driving test or driving on certain roads such as motorways we believe we can help. Driving fears are incredibly common but with some confidence-building, it is possible to overcome your fears.

Fear of Flying Hypnosis

If you feel unable to get into an aircraft or feel panic when flying then hypnosis is a great therapy to help you conquer your fear of flying. Fear of flying hypnotherapy works with you to address the underlying problem which is generally not related to flying but fears of being out of control, being trapped or even embarrassed. Our therapists can help you discover why you might be experiencing the worries and aim therapy at the underlying issues.

Fertility Hypnosis

Fertility hypnosis is a form of deep stress reduction hypnotherapy to assist women who are having problems conceiving. This form of hypnosis has been shown in trials to statistically increase the chances of women becoming pregnant particularly if they are having IVF.

Gastric Band Hypnosis

Weight Loss gastric band hypnotherapy is a five-session program to help people change their relationship with food. Virtual Gastric Band Hypnosis concentrates on getting a client to visualise a smaller stomach to help them eat less. At the same time, they work with a therapist to understand their triggers for overeating.

Therapy for Panic Attacks

Panic attacks are a form of anxiety disorder. With anxiety and stress, management strategies therapy can help you take control of the attacks and address the underlying causes for them happening.

Help for Self-Esteem Building

Low self-esteem can have a detrimental impact on your work, relationships and your mental health. We help our clients to build their self-esteem and take the first step to being more confident and self-assured with our solution-focused hypnotherapy.

Sleep Hypnosis

Insomnia is a common sleep problem that can be helped with hypnotherapy. Our sleep hypnosis reset is a natural way of getting your well-deserved rest without the need for harmful medication. We can also help with problems related to nightmares, sleep paralysis and bruxism (teeth grinding at night).

Stop Smoking Hypnosis

If you want to quit smoking for your health and well-being then we run a two-session hypnosis program that can help. This program with a clinical hypnotherapist is also suitable if you would like to stop vaping.

Weight Loss Hypnotherapy

Our weight loss hypnosis program differs from the standard calorie counting which is not particularly effective at helping clients take control of their eating. Our program helps with mindful eating, and lifestyle change as well as assisting our clients with emotional eating triggers. For details of our five-session program please call us for more information.

Hypnosis Downloads for Self-Help

For clients who are unable to attend sessions at our clinics we also sell mp3 downloads and online courses which can be used at home. These can be found in our online store.

Self-hypnosis is a great tool to help you make positive changes by listening to recordings which can help to change your mindset. Self-help audios offer positive suggestions and visualisations to help you think differently. With repeated listening, it is possible to change old ways of thinking and replace them with something more helpful.

If you would like to make positive changes to the way that you think we have tracks to help with everything from anxiety to weight loss in our online store.

self hypnosis downloadsself hypnosis downloads

Online Hypnotherapy Sessions 

We have offered online therapy sessions for many years and sessions via Zoom, Skype, Facetime and Facebook Video Messenger are incredibly popular.

Hypnotherapy works incredibly well in a video call and is just as effective as being in the same room as your clinical hypnotherapist.

All you need for your hypnosis session to take place is a quiet space to hold the session in and a good broadband connection. Video call sessions are usually held on a laptop or tablet but we can use mobile phones providing the device is on a stand during the session. We recommend that you choose a high-back chair to sit in so your head is supported when you are relaxed.

For details of our online hypnosis take the first step and give us a call to find out more and arrange a booking.

Hypnotherapists in Mansfield

If you would like to arrange a booking for Hypnotherapy in Mansfield or speak to a hypnotherapist for more information please ring the number below.

Our clinic near Mansfield Nottinghamshire covers the areas Bleak Hills, Mansfield Woodhouse, Newlands, Pleasley, Forest Town, Clipstone, Harlow Wood, Warsop and Rainworth.

01636 650 521

*Please note that as this is a form of therapy we are unable to guarantee results which may vary from person to person

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