Fabulous Magazine/The Sun 8th April 2012

Article from The Sun’s supplement Fabulous Magazine on how to make things happen for you.

Martina McKeough The Sun


Pregnancy and Birth Magazine – September 2012

Contribution for an article on how to have the perfect pregnancy day.

 Balance Hypnotherapy Pregnancy and Birth Magazine 


Emerald Street February 2013

Our Contribution to two articles in this online magazine.

Do you recognise this woman?
Why you should use up all your holiday this year


Natural Health Magazine March 2013

Article March 2013

Martina McKeough Natural Health Magazine


Emerald Street April 2013

A further contribution to Emerald Street regarding Confidence

Do you have the confidence to head up the parade?


TV Pilot as Hypnotherapy Expert in Memory Retrieval September 2013

Pilot was called “The One That Got Away” and the TV Production Company was Nerd TV.


LBC Radio – Julia Hartley Brewer Show 8th October 2013

Specialist commentator on Fears and Phobias


Natural Health Magazine January 2014

Boost your Confidence Article

Martina McKeough Natural Health Magazine


Daily Mirror Article 28th January 2015


Daily Mail Article 6th October 2015


BBC Radio Nottingham March 2018

Balance Hypnotherapy Nottingham Radio Nottingham

Interview regarding how to get Confidence.


GEM Radio August 2019

Balance Hypnotherapy on Gem radio

Interview on GEM radio regarding sleep problems, anxiety & stress.


BBC Radio Nottingham 27th September 2019

confidence coaching and therapy on the bbc

Radio Interview helping the BBC with confidence tips for their New Voices competition


Magic Radio – 27th September 2019

balance hypnotherapy magic radio

Radio Interview with GEM discussing sleep problems and the link to heart disease