Hypnotherapy Nottingham

Hypnosis Nottingham

At Balance Hypnotherapy Nottingham we work with our clients to help them make positive changes to the way they think, feel and behave using the power of clinical hypnosis.

Hypnotherapy is a great therapeutic tool that can help people change negative thinking and unwanted habits as well as improve their mental health.

Our hypnotherapy practice has helped to improve the lives of thousands of clients over the years through the use of cutting-edge hypnosis, life coaching and NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) techniques. We currently run clinics in West Bridgford and Newark on Trent as well as seeing clients all over the world using online therapy.

At our therapy practice, we aim to empower our clients with our hypnotherapy services so that they can make changes that will allow them to take control and create a positive life. We do not offer standardised treatments instead we work with you to fully understand your problem and then create a tailor-made treatment plan which is designed especially for you.*

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Take Back Control With Our Hypnosis Treatments

Clinical hypnotherapy is a relatively quick form of therapy when compared to other forms of psychological help such as cognitive behavioural therapy or counselling. Many forms of counselling or CBT work can take upwards of 8 to 12 sessions whilst an average client undertaking sessions at our clinics typically see us for between 3 to 6 sessions of therapy.

We use solution-focused therapy to create a goal-orientated form of therapy that empowers our clients to identify their goals and desired outcomes so that we can work towards them using clinical hypnosis.

By focusing on solutions and strengths, it helps our clients create positive and meaningful changes to their lives.

We can also explore the root causes of our client’s problems which is generally not possible with other therapies because at our clinics we work with the subconscious mind.

The subconscious is something that we are not aware of on a day-to-day basis but it can control our habits, behaviour, and mood. By getting you into a very deep state of relaxation we are able to access that part of your mind so that we can understand exactly where your problem stems and work with you to make positive changes.*

Hypnotherapy Nottingham

Senior Qualified Nottingham Hypnotherapist

When you work with a clinical hypnotherapist there will be no point where you will be out of control or made to do anything that you don’t feel comfortable with. During sessions at our hypnotherapy practice, we spend significant time with you explaining how our methods work as well as dispelling the myths surrounding stage hypnosis.

Our therapy sessions are safe, natural and relaxing and allow you to remain in control at all times. They are also very powerful and can help you to achieve life-changing results in a very short time frame. This is why increasing numbers of sports personalities and Olympians have used a clinical hypnotherapist or coach to enhance their performance and improve their results.*

Our fully insured clinical hypnotherapist is registered with the General Hypnotherapy Register and can also be found in the Hypnotherapy Directory. They are senior qualified and are also a qualified supervisor for other hypnotherapists.

They have extensive private practice work experience and they regularly appear in the national press for their therapy work.

Each of our Nottingham Hypnosis sessions with a clinical hypnotherapist lasts for approximately one hour and usually, sessions take place one to two weeks apart. We offer a free initial consultation on the phone before booking.

Some of our clients will see us on a session-by-session basis for their problems whilst for other conditions we may ask you to commit to a program. Examples of our programs include weight loss, help to moderate drinking and confidence coaching. Please contact us for details of costs and program lengths for your needs.

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Online Hypnotherapy Sessions Available

At Balance Hypnotherapy Nottingham, we’re committed to providing our clients with the very latest mind-coaching techniques via online therapy.

Our online Hypnotherapy is a hugely popular service that is designed to help you get professional hypnotherapy and mental health support from your own home.

Online treatment sessions with a fully qualified hypnotherapist are simple and easy to access and are just as effective as face-to-face hypnosis. All you need is a tablet, laptop or mobile device and good broadband to be able to see a registered hypnotherapist.

The flexibility and accessibility of online therapy mean that you can connect with experienced clinical hypnotherapists and therapists from the comfort of your own space.

Whether you’re looking for help with anxiety issues, stress management, confidence building,  weight management, or help for relationship issues we are here to assist you. A hypnotherapy session is just a click away so we can help you get through life situations that are causing you problems.

Online therapy offers you a safe and confidential environment where you can explore your subconscious mind, tackle unwanted habits, and work towards self-improvement.

Our goal is to empower you with the latest hypnosis and NLP techniques and support you on your journey to overcome challenges. With our help, we hope our holistic approach to therapy will help you to build your self-confidence, give you coping mechanisms and lead to better self-understanding so that you lead a more positive and fulfilling life.

At Balance Hypnotherapy Nottingham, we’re here to help you achieve a brighter future, right from your own space.

Why Qualifications & Experience Count for a Hypnotherapist

  • As highly trained full-time professionals we get better results.
  • We are Members of the General Hypnotherapy Register which means high training standards and ethics.
  • We are qualified Hypnotherapy Supervisors who train other hypnotherapists.
  • We are fully insured and registered with the Information Commissioner.
  • We commit to continued professional development so we have the latest skills and hypnotherapy techniques.
  • Our results have been featured in some of the biggest publications and media outlets in the UK.
  • We have experience working with clients worldwide through online hypnosis.


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Our Therapy Treatments and Services

It is impossible to detail every possible use for hypnosis but we have outlined some of the most popular conditions that we treat with our therapy. Hypnotherapy in Nottingham works to help build motivation, address negative thinking, and help determine where possible the underlying cause that may be preventing you from resolving your problems or meeting your goals. Please call us for more information on how we work with these issues.

The Benefits of Hypnosis

Hypnotherapy is a widely recognized therapeutic technique that can offer a range of benefits when it comes to problem-solving and self-improvement. Whether you’re facing personal, professional, or emotional challenges, hypnosis therapy provides an invaluable tool to address these issues effectively. Here are some key benefits of hypnosis therapy in solving problems:

  1. Access to the Subconscious Mind: One of the primary advantages of hypnotherapy is its ability to access the subconscious mind. This part of our consciousness holds deep-seated beliefs, emotions, and memories that often play a significant role in the problems we face. By tapping into the subconscious, hypnotherapy allows people to identify and address the root causes of their issues.
  2. Enhanced Self-Awareness: Hypnosis therapy increases self-awareness which enables our clients to gain insight into their thoughts, emotions, and behaviors. Understanding these elements is critical in problem-solving, as it allows for a deeper exploration of the factors contributing to the issue at hand.
  3. Emotional Healing: Many problems are rooted in emotional distress or trauma. Hypnotherapy is a valuable tool for addressing and healing these emotional wounds. By delving into the subconscious, individuals can release and reframe negative emotions, leading to emotional relief and problem resolution.
  4. Positive Behavior Modification: Hypnotherapy empowers individuals to modify their behaviors and thought patterns. This can be particularly useful when dealing with unwanted habits, phobias, or addiction. By replacing negative behaviors with positive ones, individuals can effectively solve these problems and lead healthier lives.
  5. Stress and Anxiety Management: Stress and anxiety often play a role in the problems people face. Hypnosis therapy offers powerful relaxation and stress-reduction techniques that help our clients to manage these issues more effectively.
  6. Self-Empowerment: Hypnotherapy can help people create a sense of empowerment and confidence, allowing them to approach problems with a positive mindset. By enhancing self-esteem and self-belief, hypnosis therapy equips individuals with the resilience and motivation needed to tackle problems head-on.
  7. Customized Problem-Solving: Hypnosis therapy is highly adaptable and can be tailored to address specific problems and individual needs. This level of personalisation ensures that our clients receive a targeted and effective approach to their unique challenges.

Get Help With Our Best-Selling Self-Hypnosis Downloads

As well as offering Nottingham Hypnotherapy sessions we continue to innovate by offering services that go beyond our in-person and online therapy sessions. We have a large range of helpful self-hypnosis downloads that can help you make positive life changes.

balance hypnosis downloads

Our unique downloadable resources are an accessible and effective way to harness the power of self-hypnosis to help you bring about transformative changes in the comfort of your own home.

These self-hypnosis downloads cover a wide spectrum of topics from stress and anxiety management to boosting your self-belief and helping low self-esteem. We also have audios in our online store to help with weight management, stopping smoking, drinking, and confidence.

Written and narrated by a senior qualified clinical hypnotherapist, mind coach and NLP practitioner our downloads are not just about relaxation but self-discovery and understanding to unlock your full potential. They can help you unlock part of your subconscious thoughts so you gain insight into your mind.

Each hypnosis download we offer has been carefully developed to offer the highest quality and effectiveness, ensuring you have the best tools at your disposal.

By providing this accessible resource our hypnotherapy practice can help you with your self-improvement journey at home. At Balance Hypnotherapy Nottingham, we believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to achieve a brighter, more fulfilling future, and our hypnosis downloads are a vital step in that direction.

Areas We Cover

Our Nottingham hypnosis clinic is based in West Bridgford and covers clients attending from Derby, Melton Mowbray, Leicester, Loughborough, Radcliffe on Trent and South Nottinghamshire.

Our Newark clinic covers Mansfield, Grantham, Southwell, Bingham, Lincoln, Sleaford and North Nottinghamshire.

We currently offer online hypnosis sessions worldwide on UK Time.

Call us today for a free consultation on the phone so we can answer any questions you may have about hypnosis.

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Disclaimer*Please note that results from our sessions may vary from person to person. Suitability and success in our programs will depend on client commitment,  the severity of your problem, the rapport you have with your practitioner, and your willingness to follow your therapist’s suggestions. This means we are unable to guarantee results which may vary from person to person.

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