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Hypnotherapy is a state of deep and focused relaxation which can be used therapeutically to alleviate unwanted problems, habits or conditions naturally. We believe that everyone should be able to live their life free from troublesome conditions, habits or negative thoughts that can be helped with the use of hypnosis.*

Our clinics have helped to improve the life of thousands of clients through the use of cutting edge hypnotherapy and NLP techniques. We currently run clinics throughout Nottinghamshire in West Bridgford and Newark on Trent as well as overseeing associates in London and Hertfordshire.

At our therapy practice we aim to empower our clients so that they can make changes which will allow them to take control and alter their lives for the better. We do not offer standardised treatments instead we work with you to fully understand your problem and then create a tailor made treatment plan especially for you.*

Hypnotherapy in Nottingham

Take Back Control With Our Hypnosis Treatments

Hypnotherapy is a relatively quick form of therapy when compared to other forms of psychological help or counselling. Many forms of counselling or CBT work can take upwards of 8 to 12 sessions whilst an average client undertaking sessions at our clinics is likely to be with us for between 3 to 6 sessions.

Our work can help you to explore the root cause of your problem which is generally not possible with other therapies because at our clinics we work with the unconscious part of the mind. The unconscious is something that we are not aware of on a day to day basis but it can control your habits, behaviour, and mood. By getting you in to a very deep state of relaxation we are able to access that part of your mind so that we can understand exactly where your problem stems and work with you to make positive changes.*

When you work with us there will be no point where you will be out of control or made to do anything that you don’t feel comfortable with. During our sessions we spend a significant time with you explaining how our methods work as well as dispelling the myths surrounding Stage Hypnosis. Our therapy sessions are safe, natural and relaxing and allow you to remain in control at all times. They are also very powerful and can help you to achieve life-changing results in a very short time frame. This is why increasing numbers of sports personalities and Olympians have been working with Hypnotherapists and Coaches to enhance their performance and improve their results.*

Each of our hypnosis in Nottingham sessions last for approximately one hour and usually sessions take place one to two weeks apart. Some of our clients will see us on a session by session basis for their problems whilst for other conditions we may ask you to commit to a program. Examples of our programs include weight loss, help to moderate drinking and confidence coaching. Please contact us for details of costs and program lengths for your needs.

Hypnosis Nottingham

Why Qualifications & Experience Count for a Hypnotherapist

  • Highly Trained Full Time Professionals Get Better Results.
  • We are Members of the General Hypnotherapy Register which means high training standards and ethics.
  • We are Qualified Supervisors with experience in prestigious UK Institutions in Harley Street.
  • Experts in complimentary psychological therapy.
  • Our results have featured in some of the biggest publications and media outlets in the UK.
  • We have experience of working with clients worldwide through online hypnosis.
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Our Treatments and Services

It is impossible to detail every possible use for hypnosis but we have outlined some of the most popular conditions that we treat at our clinics or online. Generally we work to help build motivation, address negative thinking and to help determine where possible the underlying cause that may be preventing you from resolving your problems or meeting your goals. For more information about Hypnotherapy in Nottingham please call us for details about our products and services.*

Hypnotherapist Nottingham

Disclaimer*Please note that results from our sessions may vary from person to person. Suitability and success on our programs will depend on client commitment,  the severity of your problem, the rapport you have with your practitioner and your willingness to follow your therapists suggestions. This means we are unable to guarantee results which may vary from person to person.

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