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weight loss meditation hypnosis downloadUsing a Weight Loss Meditation hypnosis download  can be a great way of training your mind to change its attitude towards food. This is because hypnosis deals with your subconscious mind. This is the part of your mind that governs your habits and works on autopilot even if your conscious mind wants something else. Changing your subconscious thinking is key to changing the way you eat because otherwise you are fighting a losing battle with your weight loss efforts.

Weight Loss Hypnosis

Usually habits around food are created when you are relatively young and stay with you as you grow older. As a toddler you usually eat when you are hungry and stop when you are full which is great until you learn to use food emotionally. For example you get upset one day and learn that eating a biscuit makes you forget about the problem. This is the day that your subconscious mind learns that eating certain foods makes you feel better. If this incident happens at the right time in your development a subconscious program starts running. Now whenever you feel upset your mind tells you to eat something to forget about it. A weight loss meditation download tries to help you break this programming.

Hypnosis is designed to help you relax sufficiently so that you can gain access to the subconscious. Either you can tell it to run another program or you can try and remember the incident which created the problem and change the way you think about it. Our hypnosis audios for weight loss help you to use subconscious suggestions to help you alter the way in which you think.

Download Our Weight Loss Meditation Program

Our Weight Loss Meditation program consists of five audios all designed to help you with particular problems associated with overeating. We have a portion control audio download created to help you be more mindful of what you are eating so that you recognise when you are hungry and when you are full. There is also a kill the cravings audio which helps you to stop your compulsions around certain foods. In addition we have an audio to put you in the right mindset for losing weight as well as an audio to tackle emotional eating. You can purchase these audios to use at home from our online store.

Weight Loss Meditation weight loss meditation download audio hypnosis

Intuitive Eating and Weight Loss

Intuitive eating and hypnosis work well together because they both place you in a state when you are concentrating on what you are doing. When we eat watching TV, whilst preparing food, when we are reading or at our desks we are paying attention to the tasks at hand and not on when we are hungry and when we are full. Weight Loss Hypnosis together with an intuitive eating strategy forces helps you to take time out to eat less not through food deprivation but for listening to the signals in your body telling you when you are hungry and when you are full. Recognise these and it immediately becomes easier to stop when you have had enough.

Emotional Eating and Food Problems

Our weight loss meditation audios can also help you to work on problems associated with emotional eating. Learning the triggers that make you eat are important as this allows you to put in place strategies to stop overeating rather than using food as comfort. Discovering whether you eat when you are stressed, angry, upset or anxious is an important step in unlearning bad habits created in childhood.

Intuitive Eating Therapist

If you have issues related to food or would like help with intuitive eating then you can contact us using the form below to discuss your issues. Alternatively if you would like to use self help methods you can purchase our audio downloads from our online shop and start using the weight loss meditation program today.

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