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social anxiety hypnosis NottinghamHypnosis for Social Anxiety in Nottingham

A social phobis is a fear or an anxiety of being in social situations. The fear or phobia may be created by one specific instance or by a number of different triggers which then create the problem. No matter how the problem is created it can create a major disruption to a persons life. Our Hypnosis for Social Anxiety in Nottingham is designed to help our clients understand what are the thoughts and issues behind their problem and then to find solutions so they can take back control.*


Hypnotherapy for Social Anxiety

There are two main types of social phobia and they are:

Generalised Social Anxiety – This is an anxiety or fear about being judged by others or being embarrassed because of what they have done in front of others.

Specific Social Anxiety– This is where the fear of phobia is only triggered in very specific situations.

If one of our clients has a social anxiety they will tend to feel anxious about appearing stupid or self conscious in front of others. So if they are due to attend a social gathering they will worry about meeting the people attending and saying something that will make them feel foolish. Perhaps they will worry about saying or doing the wrong thing and that the people they meet will make comments about them or laugh about them. If they do end up doing something that is not quite right then they will mull over this mistake and brood on the problem for weeks afterwards.

As social anxiety begins to take back control then avoidance tactics start to take place where the person will begin to avoid social situations totally making them increasingly isolated. This will have a knock on impact on their ability to do well at work, their family relationships and their ability to find a partner. Eventually the social phobia can create feelings of depression, loneliness, confidence problems and low self esteem. Our Hypnotherapy for Social Anxiety in Nottingham is designed to help these negative feelings so that our clients can start to move forward again.*

Self-Hypnosis for Social Anxiety Disorder

If you are unable to attend our clinics we sell an online anxiety course and hypnosis downloads to assist anxiety in our online store.

Self Hypnosis Social Anxietyself-hypnosis for social anxiiety

Social Phobia Symptoms

These are just some examples of the symptoms that you may feel if you experience a social phobia:

Blushing in public
Feeling sick when in front of others
Excessive Sweating
Stammering over your words
Feeling shaky
Dry Mouth
Fast heart rate
Feeling highly anxious

Hypnosis for Social Confidence

When you suffer from social anxiety it can have a deep and profound impact on your life. Here are just some areas where people may experience a problem.

Social Life – When a person has social anxiety they find it difficult to communicate with other people which means it can be difficult to make friends. They are likely to have a small group of friends that they have known for years and shy away from building new friendships. As people with social anxiety don’t like to be the centre of attention they are less likely to attend parties or go to pubs or clubs to meet other people preferring to spend their time alone. People with social anxiety are much more likely to live at home with their parents and spend a good portion of their time leading a relatively solitary existence for fear of making a fool of themselves in public.

Relationships – If you suffer from social anxiety building romantic relationships is hard if not impossible for many. As these people are less likely to socialise then meeting a soul mate is difficult. Even if they are able to meet people for example at work they will find it difficult striking up conversations and putting themselves in a situation where they can ask a person out. This means that many people with social anxiety are either single or have got together with the first person they felt brave enough to connect with.

Work – When you suffer from social anxiety it is much more likely that you will enter into a profession where there is little or no need to mix with the general public. The idea of having a career which involves sales or public speaking is usually out of the question which means that the job market for their talents becomes limited. The more limited the job opportunities are the more likely it is that a person with social anxiety will earn less and be less likely to get a job where there are career prospects or promotion.

Why do People Get Social Anxiety?

Most of our clients come to see us and describe themselves as naturally shy people or lacking in confidence. They believe that they were born with social anxiety and that this is who they naturally are but this isn’t in fact the case. In just about every case of social anxiety we have seen the person that we were seeing did not always feel anxious in social situations. Instead they were probably very happy or confident until an incident happened that changed how they felt.

We have had clients who got embarrassed at school by teachers and were so humiliated by the experience they would hide away at the back of the class worried in case the incident happened again. We have heard of incidents where the person made a fool of themselves in front of their friends and were so ashamed about it that they vowed never to draw attention to themselves again. All of these people suddenly went from an outgoing happy person to someone who was withdrawn and anxious all because they were trying to avoid the same things happening to them again.

The message we need to tell you is that yes that younger person didn’t have the resources to cope with that moment and so began to hide away but the older adult would now be able to look back on that situation and react in a totally different way. If we can help our client remember the initial incident it can have an amazing impact as it enables them to rationalise the underlying cause and reduce the unhelpful feelings surrounding it.*

Hypnotherapy for Social Anxiety Treatment

At Balance Hypnotherapy Nottingham we are experts in dealing with all forms of anxiety. Our hypnosis for social anxiety programs are designed to help you understand where the negative feelings or emotions are coming from so that they can be challenged and managed so that your fears can be brought under control.*

One of the ways in which we help our clients is by teaching them how to use self hypnosis to alleviate their condition. Self hypnosis is relaxing and calming and is a great way of controlling anxious feelings. In addition our sessions will concentrate on confidence coaching, self esteem building and postive visualisation to bring about change.*

If necessary we may need to work on more analytical hypnosis to determine where the problem may have begun. Using specialist techniques we are often able to go back into your memories to find out where the issue started. Once we are aware of why the problem began it is often easier to see that incident in a new light so that you can move forward.*

Booking Your Social Anxiety Hypnosis Sessions

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* Please note that as this is a form of therapy we are unable to guarantee results which may vary from person to person

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