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Hypnosis Anxiety NottinghamAnxiety Hypnotherapy in Nottingham

Balance Hypnotherapy are leading experts in helping our clients manage anxiety and panic disorder. Anxiety is a debilitating and frightening condition as it makes you feel on edge, in fear or in panic. You may experience anxiety only in very specific circumstances such as driving a car or seeing a spider or you may find that the feelings of anxiety are there with you almost all the time. Our Hypnosis for Anxiety in Nottingham is designed to help you take back control of the anxiety so that firstly you feel more relaxed and in control and secondly so that you get an understanding of why you may be experiencing the problem.*

To get a better understanding of anxiety and how hypnosis can help download our free 5 Step Formula for managing Anxiety and Panic Today!

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Types of Anxiety

There are in fact six main types of anxiety which are outlined below. Generally, a simple fear or a phobia may only take a few sessions to resolve whereas a problem such as OCD or Post Traumatic Stress may take longer. Before seeing any client we usually speak with you first on the phone to ascertain the extent of your anxiety so that we can give you a better idea of the number of sessions that may be required.

Generalised Anxiety Disorder (GAD)

This can be described as a feeling of anxiety which is with you almost all of the time. You may find that you spend a considerable portion of your day worrying about things. This constant worrying can create significant problems and impact your sleeping, your work routines, your home life and your general health. Generalised anxiety disorder usually occurs when worrying and negative thinking starts to get out of control. What may have started off as a small anxiety or worry starts to snowball and gradually gets bigger and bigger. When GAD becomes significant it can severely impact your life. GAD usually is diagnosed when someone experiences extreme feelings of worry for a period of more than six months.

Fears and Phobias

This form of anxiety is usually linked to a fear of one or more very particular situations, activities or problems. If you have one or more fears and phobias we may find that they are interlinked. Common phobias include spiders, flying, public speaking, driving or a fear of being sick. Our hypnosis for anxiety in Nottingham however also deals with more unusual phobias such as a fear of buttons. If you are suffering from stress in your life it is likely that your phobias will also become worse.*


Obsessive Compulsive Disorder is characterised by repeated unwanted thoughts or behaviours that you feel you are unable to control. Just some of the typical OCD issues we see are a need to repeatedly clean, repeated checking, constant hand washing or fear of contamination. OCD hypnosis can help with this problem and can be used in conjunction with CBT. Working with OCD requires the person with the problem to want to challenge their fear. Our hypnotic work in this case is used in conjunction with challenging the behaviour. For example, getting the person with the problem to lengthen the time periods between the repeated behaviour or compulsion. Although initially, the anxiety will seem higher it soon begins to fall again when nothing problematic happens. Over time we aim to increase these periods of time until the problem starts to become more manageable or fade away.*

Social Anxiety Disorder

This is when you may feel a worry about being talked at by others or making a fool of yourself in public. People with social anxiety are more likely to avoid social situations such as parties or social gatherings. They may also deliberately avoid situations where they have to present to others in public which can impact the types of jobs that they choose. When people have a social anxiety disorder it can create big problems with relationships, careers and socialising. The fear of being judged or embarrassing themselves totally curtails their activities to the point that they may lead a relatively solitary existence. We use hypnotherapy for social anxiety to assist with managing the anxious feelings as well as addressing the root cause of the problem where possible.*

Panic Disorder

This form of anxiety usually revolves around the sufferer experiencing regular panic attacks which they can’t explain. A panic attack can make you feel unable to breathe and as if your heart is pounding. You may experience the need to escape from situations and in some cases, our clients have felt so bad that they have ended up in the hospital thinking they were dying or having a heart attack.  As panic disorder issues are very similar to many medical conditions we usually like our clients to get checked out by a doctor first in case there is another underlying cause. If this isn’t the case then our hypnotherapy for panic attacks starts by teaching our clients methods for them to control the attack. We even have a specialised audio that we give our clients to help them practice self-hypnosis at home. If necessary we may also try and determine the underlying cause as understanding where the problem is coming from can help to relieve the anxiety.

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

PTSD usually develops after a traumatic event and can cause flashbacks and nightmares related to the original situation. Many people think of PTSD when they think of war veterans but it can also impact members of the general public after an event such as a car crash or an assault.

Symptoms of Anxiety

Not every client will experience the same symptoms when they have anxiety as there are many different feelings that people experience. Typical issues include fast heart rate, blushing, sweating, difficulty catching your breath, muscle tension and problems with sleeping. We always advise getting physical problems checked out with a doctor just in case they are related to a medical condition.

Hypnosis for Anxiety and Panic Attacks

So how can hypnotherapy for anxiety help with the problem? There are many potential causes of anxiety but one of the biggest is stress. In our first session with you, we take a comprehensive case history of your problem and begin by identifying potential stressors in your life. Generally, during your first session, we will give you stress management hypnosis techniques and also teach you self-hypnosis for anxiety to help you start to manage the problem. As hypnosis involves a deep state of relaxation it can be used to help you calm down incredibly quickly and relax you.*

If the cause of the anxiety is not instantly obvious then our subsequent sessions involve a deeper form of analytical hypnotherapy to help you try and discover what is worrying you at the back of your mind. It is not unusual to find that the problem can be revealed when you are incredibly relaxed in hypnosis. Once the source of the problem is identified we then work with you on finding a solution so that the anxiety is either managed or removed.*

Our hypnosis for Anxiety in Nottingham can help with everything from a fear of flying to panic attacks or worries about public speaking.

Self-Hypnosis for Anxiety Downloads

All our clients are given an audio so that they can practice self-hypnosis for anxiety in between our sessions. We also sell a comprehensive anxiety hypnotherapy mp3 in our online shop which can be purchased if you are unable to attend our clinics. This audio deals with generalized anxiety disorder, panic attacks, worrying and negative thinking, sleep problems as well as relaxation.*

Anxiety Hypnotherapy mp3Anxiety Hypnosis mp3

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