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confidence coaching and therapy bbc radio NottinghamBBC Radio Nottingham have a competition going on at the moment called New Voices. The prize is a position as the new presenter on their week day evening show. Even better anyone can apply you just need to turn up and audition. The only problem is that most people’s worries about public speaking and performing is that it is a fate worse than death. This is especially the case when you only have 60 seconds to pitch up and tell a story in front of four judges. So the BBC producers at the station called me up and asked me to help give some tips and advice to the candidates to help them calm their nerves with some confidence coaching and therapy tips.

Confidence Therapy Tips

So before the competition begins here are some things that I think could help calm the nerves and help those potential candidates perform at their best.

Practice & Prepare 

Unless you are are natural performer you need to practice, practice and do more practice! People are not fully formed presenters on their first outing. It takes time to get things right so start by working out what you want to do by preparing and then practice delivering your story or message. This practice could be in front or a mirror or in front of your friends and family. Just remember you don’t need to be perfect just competent.

The Night Before

Make sure you are well rested. Unwind relax and get a decent nights sleep. If you have difficulty switching off use a self hypnosis audio to help quieten your mind. We have a specialist self hypnosis for confidence download that is perfect for helping you change your thought patterns as well as relaxing you.

self hypnosis confidence audio download guided meditationself hypnosis confidence

Before the Event

If you feel anxious or nervous practice this breathing technique to calm yourself. Simply inhale for the count of four, hold your breath for the count of three and exhale for the count of 7. When you repeat this you will find that you are preventing your nervous system from kicking in and releasing adrenaline.


Teach your mind to focus on the best possible outcomes not the worst. It can be easy to fall into the trap of focusing on our mistakes and amplifying them. Why not think about what could go right instead.

Dress the Part

Par of creating confidence is dressing in a manner than helps you to fit the part you want to play. Wear the right clothes, stand up straight and hold your head high.

Don’t Worry About What the Judges are Thinking

We love to think that we can read people’s minds but in fact we can’t. Worrying about what someone else may think will only make you feel nervous. Instead focus on enjoying what you have prepared and living in the moment.

Choose Where you Put Your Focus

When we focus internally on uncomfortable feelings we can increase our nerves. Instead focus on a friendly face and connect with your audience. Think of that person as being on your side not against you. If you can’t find a person to focus on choose an object instead and perform to that instead.

Embrace the Nerves

Remember that everyone is in the same boat as you and feels nervous as well. Try and reframe your anxiety as excitement as the two feeling are very similar. Remember that this feeling of “excitement” can be used to elevate your performance instead of making it flat and boring.

Own Your Mistakes

Even if things don’t go perfectly own your errors instead of freaking out about them. Think of Naomi Campbell falling on the catwalk and getting up laughing. Perfectionism isn’t needed in a job like radio presenting as things will go wrong whilst you are on air. The trick is to deal with these issues when they arise.

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Confidence Coaching Programs

So do you need help to own your confidence and stop anxious feelings? Would you like to embrace opportunities just like I do and speak on the radio, pass an interview or speak in public? All of these skills can be learned with a little help and practice. I run confidence coaching and therapy programs in Nottinghamshire and worldwide online. Just fill out my contact me page or ring me on 01636 650 521 for more details.


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