How to Beat Holiday Stress

how to beat holiday stressWhilst many people think of Christmas as a time of holidays, parties and lots of food and drink others dread the festive period because it can send stress levels through the roof. Learning how to beat holiday stress over December is really important as left unchecked it can increase anxiety or cause feelings of depression. So here are some simple tips that you can use to lower your stress levels and keep your sanity.

Tips for a Stress Free Xmas

Plan Now

Try and get ahead by planning what you need well in advance. For example everyone knows that the earlier you busy your Christmas presents the easier it will be. Leave it until the last minute and the shops and packed and your nerves are going to be frayed. Try and sort what you need to do well in advance so you are feeling the pressure of trying to do too many things at once.

Shop Online

The beauty of the modern age is that just about everything you need can be bought online without you ever needing to go near a shop. Christmas presents can be delivered to your door and the big supermarkets allow you to create a food order that means you only need to head out for a few essentials. This can make a huge difference to your stress levels as nobody wants to be in a crammed shop with huge queues.

Stress free xmas

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Gift Less

There can be a huge amount of pressure at Christmas to keep up with others in terms of decorations and present buying. This not only takes up huge amounts of time it also creates a big financial pressure. Take a step back and limit what you are going to do. Perhaps you may decide to only buy gifts for immediate family or for children. Make it easier on yourself so you are not paying for the holiday season well into the following year.

Stick to a Budget

If you want to know how to beat holiday stress then think about setting a budget for the Christmas period and sticking to it. Most people buy way too much food over Christmas or buy more expensive brands that are not really necessary. Try and cut down on the amount you spend to relieve some of that holiday expenditure.

Don’t Over Commit

The other problem with Christmas can be the sheer number of invites you get to either attend parties or visit other peoples houses. This can mean that most of your Christmas is spent travelling up an down the motorway rushing from event to event. No wonder so many people feel like they need another holiday when they go back to work. Pick and choose the events that you want to go to and exercise the right to say no to ones that simply don’t work for you.

Build in Time to Relax

Make sure that when you are planning your festive timetable you build in time for yourself to relax. Take time out to go for long walks, watch some old films on television or catch up on your reading. Running around for the entire Christmas period is never helpful so try and take some time out for yourself to relax and recuperate. Why not try our guided relaxation audio for half an hour to help switch off and unwind.

guided relaxation to beat holiday stressGuided meditation relaxation

Ask Others to Help

Always remember that you don’t have to make all of Christmas happen on your own. Ask for help from family and friends so that you don’t have to do all of the work. Others can run errands for you, decorate the tree or wrap presents. Just get delegating and the whole process will seem so much easier.

Holiday Wellness Tips

Learning how to beat holiday stress can be easy with some simple planning. Remember that Christmas is supposed to be a fun time of the year not a holiday period to bankrupt you and leave you exhausted. Yes you have to always put in a certain amount of work to make Christmas happen but where possible make it as easy as you can on yourself.