Can Hypnosis Relieve Anxiety?

can hypnosis relieve anxiety?When it comes to anxiety most of our clients will have tried every form of conventional help first. They will have been to their GP and probably been prescribed medication or they will have attended CBT or counselling sessions way before any other possibilities are considered. If these traditional routes don’t work they start to look a little further and start to ask themselves “can hypnosis relieve anxiety?” There is a certain amount of scepticism where hypnosis is concerned mainly fueled by TV and films so it is understandable that people are cautious but with a logical and rational explanation hypnosis for anxiety makes perfect sense.

Hypnosis for Anxiety

When you are anxious there are generally two things happening simultaneously. Firstly you are hypervigilant or on edge waiting for something bad to happen. When you have these feelings it can impact your sleep patterns, create physical symptoms such as a fast heart rate or sweating and give you feelings of dread and fear. Basic hypnotic relaxation can assist in calming you down therefore lessening the symptoms.

The second issue is that a part of your mind is giving you these feelings because it perceives danger, upset or embarrassment. This is a learned response which you are likely to have picked up in childhood following an incident where you had a problem. The key to resolving the anxiety is working out what the feelings from the past have to do with the way you are feeling now. This allows the brain to rationalise what is happening and change thought patterns. As hypnosis for anxiety allows a hypnotherapist to access the subconscious part of the brain it is easier for you to remember what the original incident may have been so that it can be resolved.  Counselling, CBT or medical interventions won’t do this for you but can either calm symptoms or mask them.

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How Many Sessions of Hypnosis for Anxiety?

Can hypnosis relieve anxiety? Yes but not in five minutes as some people expect. Anyone who suggests that they can cure you of a life long anxiety problem in a few minutes is lying to you. Although you won’t necessarily get a result straight away hypnosis for anxiety is a relatively fast form of therapy and results can usually be seen in around four sessions. This will of course depend on the severity of the anxiety and what the hypnotherapist and client discover as they start to focus on the incidents that brought a person into their clinic.

When dealing with anxiety there always needs to be a certain amount of patience from the client as work is carried out. A client with anxiety always wants their problem gone yesterday for obvious reasons but this is highly unlikely meaning there is a need to mange any fear or worry in the short term before the real problem is revealed.

Hypnotherapy for Anxiety Success Stories

In my practice anxiety success stories are something that we see every day particularly where we are able to get our clients to remember the root causes of their problem. In fact if you head on over to our testimonials page you will see client after client who has experienced a profound change because of our work together. We have dealt with everything from claustrophobia to panic attacks to fear of flying and generalised anxiety disorder. It does not matter what the specific issue is providing we are able to help you understand why your feelings today are likely to be linked to an incident or incidents from your past.

Does Self Hypnosis Work for Anxiety?

Self hypnosis for anxiety is particularly useful for dealing with the first element of anxiety which is the hypervigilant feelings and associated problems of stress. We give all our clients self-hypnosis audios to listen to between their sessions so that they can practice this deep form of relaxation. When our clients return for their next appointment it is not unusual for us to hear that they have slept better, felt calmer and been generally less anxious without the need for a single pill.

If you want to try our guided meditation program for anxiety you can purchase it in our online store.

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Can hypnosis relieve anxiety?
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