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Eating chocolate in moderation is never a problem but for many people their habit has become out of control. Perhaps they are eating more than one bar at a time and hiding their need from it from their partners of family. When you are binge eating chocolate then you are going to put on weight, feel tired and sluggish.  This is the point where you need professional help to understand why you may be experiencing the problem and to get help to stop. Our Hypnotherapy for Chocolate Cravings in Nottingham is designed to help you take back control over your bad habit.*

An addiction to chocolate is incredibly common simply because we have access to it everywhere we go. Perhaps your problem started in childhood. Many children are given chocolate as a reward by their parents and if this is repeated often enough then as the child turns to an adult they continue the habit. Any form of binge eating sweet foods can also be linked to stress and anxiety. When our lives are busy and feel out of control we reach for foods to help pacify us and make us feel calmer. The problem is that the sugary treat only helps for a very short period of time but the stress will continue to be there.

Chocolate for many is like a drug and they feel it is difficult to ever imagine going through a day without it. To make matters worse no matter where you go you will always see displays of chocolate wherever you go. Vending machines sell it, cafes, petrol stations and supermarkets which means that temptation is everywhere. You know that you shouldn’t be buying it but when it is so readily accessible you can’t help yourself and buy more. Hypnotherapy for Chocolate Cravings can give you alternative methods of behaviour so that you find it easier to say no.*

Dangers of Eating Too Much Chocolate

One of the main ingredients in a bar of chocolate is sugar and too much of this can create significant problems such as:

  • Problems Sleeping
  • Lethargy
  • Spots
  • Dental Problems
  • Weight Gain
  • Diabetes
  • Mood Swings

In the short term eating too much chocolate is unlikely to do too much hard but over the longer term it can create severe health problems. Our Hypnotherapy for Chocolate cravings is aimed at helping our clients stop the bad habit before it gets too late.*

Hypnosis to Stop Eating Chocolate

There are many ways to tackle the problem and the approach will depend on the client. Typical methods will include aversion therapy where we associate chocolate in your mind with something unpleasant so that the thought of the product is less appealing. Alternatively, we may work with you to understand the issues in your lifestyle which may be causing the problem and treat the problem at the root. Many people eat chocolate for emotional reasons and these may need to be resolved before the problem stops.*

For clients who are unable to reach our clinics we offer Skype sessions where you can get help for chocolate addition online. Alternatively in our online shop we have a Stop Sugar Addiction mp3 download which can help train your subconscious to quit the habit. *

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Hypnotherapy to Stop Eating Chocolate

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Disclaimer*Please note that as this is a form of therapy we are unable to guarantee results which may vary from person to person.

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