Sleep Clinic in Southwell Nottinghamshire

sleep clinic in southwell nottinghamshireAre you experiencing a problem with your sleep? Do you have insomnia or do you find yourself waking up in the night and then finding you cannot get back to sleep again? If so our sleep clinic in Southwell Nottinghamshire can help. We are experts at helping people just like you who have sleep problems especially when they are related to problems such as stress or anxiety.

Private Sleep Clinic Near Me

We are a private sleep clinic that operates in Nottinghamshire and worldwide online and we love to help our clients learn our tips and strategies for getting a good nights rest. As we operate online sessions you have a greater freedom to book sessions that suit your timetable.

There are significant advantages to using a private sleep clinic in Southwell as it means that instead of being put on a lengthy NHS sleep clinic waiting list you should be able to book an appointment almost immediately for treatment.

We offer services to help you switch off your busy mind and manage your stress and anxiety so that you can relax and unwind.

Sessions can be held online over Zoom, Skype, Facetime and even Facebook messenger no matter where you are in the world. In the local area, our sleep clinic covers Newark, Nottingham, Southwell, Halam, Bleasby, Thurgarton, Kirklington, Fiskerton, Rolleston and Farnsfield.

Sleep Therapist Nottingham

At Balance Hypnotherapy our sleep specialist is Martina McKeough who is an expert in helping people with sleep problems. As a sleep specialist, she uses a combination of hypnosis, NLP, coaching and therapy to help her clients overcome insomnia and manage anxiety and stress.

Martina has years of experience helping people with sleep disorders calm their minds so that they can switch off at night. Her work has featured in many of the countries leading newspapers including The Daily Mail, The Telegraph, The Sun and The Daily Mirror. She has also appeared on LBC Radio, Radio Nottingham and consulted for the BBC and ITV on shows related to well-being.

Sleep Anxiety

We know that when you don’t have a good nights rest your lack of sleep can create significant anxiety. The more nights you don’t sleep the more stressed and anxious you can become which then makes it even more difficult to get to sleep.

Our sleep clinic in Southwell near Nottingham aims to break this cycle of insomnia and anxiety so that you can relax and get to sleep at night.

Anxiety doesn’t just impact your sleep it can also impact your general health and mental well-being. During our sessions, we also aim to address any issues that are causing your underlying anxiety so that you can feel calmer and more in control.

Online Anxiety course - anxiety self help

blitz anxiety online course

Insomnia Support Southwell and Newark

Our insomnia support takes a holistic approach which means that we don’t just look at your main problem but assess your lifestyle and sleep hygiene as well.

Many clients who have attended our private sleep clinic in Nottinghamshire believe that they have already tried everything to resolve their problem but the reality is this isn’t usually the case. We set out very clear steps for you to follow so that you can relax your mind at night. These steps mean that there can be less room for problems that could impact your sleep.

We also address any underlying thought processes that could be contributing to your problem. We know that the root causes of sleep disorders don’t just relate to the present but also have links to past problems or worries. When these are addressed it can be easier for you to get a better nights sleep.

Sleep Hypnosis Download

All our clients get a sleep hypnosis download or relaxation audio to listen to as part of their insomnia treatment plan. This has been created by our sleep specialist so that you can quieten your mind at bedtime.

For those of you who are unable to attend sessions at our sleep clinic in Southwell Nottinghamshire, this audio download can be purchased in our online store.

We recommend that the audio is put on when you go to bed so that your mind can drift off when you are listening to it. You need to listen to the audio every night for a period of at least 21 days. Do not listen to the audio whilst you are doing anything else especially driving or operating machinery.

Guided sleep meditation for insomniaself-hypnosis for sleep

Sleep Disorder Clinic Southwell

As well as helping our clients with insomnia our private sleep clinic in Southwell can also help with issues such as:

  • Nightmares
  • Night Terrors
  • Snoring
  • Sleep Paralysis
  • Restless Leg Syndrome

Just contact us for more information about how therapy may be able to help you manage some of these conditions.

Book A Sleep Hypnotherapy Program

In order to book a program at our sleep clinic in Southwell Nottinghamshire or arrange an online session simply contact us on 01636 650 521 to speak to a therapist. Alternatively, just fill in the contact form below and we will contact you to arrange a time to talk.

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