Alcohol Therapy in Nottingham

alcohol therapy in NottinghamAre you finding that you are drinking too much? Has the occasional drink in the evening now become a nightly occurrence? Are you regularly drinking over the government guidelines and think that you need to make changes in your bad habits to protect your health? If so then our alcohol therapy in Nottingham may be the very thing you need to take back control over your bad habits.

Therapy for Drinking Nottinghamshire

At our clinics in Nottinghamshire as well as online we regularly work with clients who need a little extra help to change their bad habits. We are not a rehab clinic nor do we offer medical advice. Instead, we work with you to help you understand the reasons for your alcohol use and help you to manage the underlying causes of your problem. Our alcohol therapy in Nottingham helps you to examine and work on the root causes of your problem

Alcohol is just the symptom of a problem but it is never the whole story. Most of our clients have never looked at the real reasons why they need to misuse alcohol. Your daily habit has not happened for no reason instead there are likely to be emotional issues that have never been addressed that are making you drink.

Alcohol Misuse

Alcohol is one of the most commonly misused substances in the UK apart from food. It is freely available in most shops and is relatively cheap. Over the past couple of decades drinking in the home has become more acceptable and our homes are filled with bar carts, wine fridges and racks to encourage us to love the habit even more.

The problem is that when alcohol is always available it can be so easy to turn to it as a way of coping with problems in your life such as:

  • Stress
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Relationship Issues
  • Work Problems
  • Confidence Worries
  • Sadness

Our clients however very rarely realise that these are the reasons for their drinking. This is because the mind works in fractions of seconds and has already poured that glass of wine because you have had a bad day before you have even had time to think about it. Our alcohol therapy in Nottingham helps to slow down those thought processes so that you can be more mindful of what you are doing and change bad habits and deal with underlying pressures or worries.

How Much Do You Drink to be Considered an Alcoholic

Our alcohol therapy in Nottingham is not designed for alcoholics who need specialist help to detox. Alcoholics tend to be individuals who find that their need for a drink is so out of control that they will ignore work or relationships in order to get their fix. There is no specific number of drinks that places you in this category.

We also don’t take on clients who do not call to book their own treatment. Instead, we work with people who feel that they are drinking far more than they would like in their everyday lives.

Typically our average client is regularly drinking over the average daily government guidelines but is still able to function in their chosen careers. Instead, they may be using alcohol as a way of dealing with their day to day stresses or as a way of helping them get to sleep at night. Therefore we believe anyone who feels that they are drinking too much could benefit from our help providing they are still leading a relatively normal life.

We help our clients to find natural ways of resolving their problems so that they can take steps to bring back control over their alcohol intake.

Alcohol Therapy Programs Nottingham

Our alcohol therapy in Nottingham is a four-session program. Each session lasts for one hour and sessions typically are spread one to two weeks apart. During sessions we work together with you to address habits, change thought patterns and learn about the underlying reasons for your drinking.

In our sessions, we use a combination of hypnosis for drinking, NLP and coaching to help create positive change. This form of therapy works well with people who are willing to take steps to change. No alcohol program will work without your participation.

Alcohol Dependence

Alcohol dependence and unhealthy drinking habits can be helped with a good therapist. We specialise in helping people like you ditch bad habits and replace them with healthier alternatives. If you would like more information about our program for alcohol therapy in Nottingham then just fill in the contact form below or contact us for more information on 01636 650 521.