OCD Treatment and Hypnotherapy

OCD is a hugely debilitating form of anxiety and if you are suffering from the condition then it can be extremely hard to know where to get help. In fact less than 10% of adults who have the condition are currently in any form of treatment for the problem. Most of our clients will have Continue reading »

Hypnotherapy for Public Speaking Anxiety

So your boss has asked you to do a presentation in front of a sales conference and the thought is filling you with dread. Or perhaps your best friend is getting married and guess who they want to do a speech at the wedding, yep you! These types of scenarios probably want to make you Continue reading »

Binge Eating Causes

When we first get a call from a potential client with binge eating disorder we invariably get asked can we help them with weight loss. This is because so many people suffer from the problem and assume that the issue is down to them not being able to diet. They consider themselves failed dieters but Continue reading »

Sleep Treatment in Nottingham

So you have insomnia, what do you do now? You think you have tried all the usual strategies, going to bed on time and trying to switch off in the evening but when your head hits the pillow your mind won’t switch off and there you are lying wide awake. The first night doesn’t seem Continue reading »

Self-Confidence Therapy Nottingham

What if there was a part of you that was always looking out for you and trying to keep you safe? What if that part would do anything in its power to stop you from doing things which it felt were upsetting, embarrassing or scary? What if that part of you was so determined to Continue reading »

Panic Attack Treatment in Nottingham

A common problem that we see regularly when dealing with anxiety clients is the issue of panic attacks. For those of you who are unsure about what a panic attack is think of a feeling of overwhelming fear that makes you want to get out of whatever situation you are in no matter where you Continue reading »

How to Stop Binge Eating Hypnosis

Time and time again we get clients ringing us asking for weight loss sessions because of their binge eating. Yet people with this eating disorder who are striving to lose weight don’t realise that their weight loss quest is one of the big things that is fueling their problem. They will have previously signed up Continue reading »

Driving Hypnosis for Driving Fears

It is far from unusual for us to see clients experiencing problems with driving anxiety and its associated issues. When many people drive they feel that they are out of control, that they are in danger or that they are trapped in the vehicle so feelings of panic start. Sometimes this fear is triggered because Continue reading »

Hypnosis to Stop Sugar Addiction

For our clients who have never experienced hypnosis before the expectations set for a single hypnosis session can be unrealistic. This is because TV and stage hypnosis has given people the impression that all someone needs to do is sit in my chair for an hour, I put them into a coma and by magic Continue reading »

Enclosed Space Hypnosis

Many of our clients contact us for anxiety related issues or problems with fears and phobias and never realise that they suffer from claustrophobia.  They might have spent a lifetime avoiding flying, felt panic when they are are in crowds or found it difficult to get into a lift or use an MRI scanner but Continue reading »