Sleep Clinic in Southwell Nottinghamshire

Are you experiencing a problem with your sleep? Do you have insomnia or do you find yourself waking up in the night and then finding you cannot get back to sleep again? If so our sleep clinic in Southwell Nottinghamshire can help. We are experts at helping people just like you who have sleep problems especially Continue reading »

Hypnotherapy for Procrastination in Nottingham

If you are a person who finds it difficult to get motivated or take action to get things done then our hypnotherapy for procrastination in Nottingham can help. We are experts at helping our clients to build self-discipline so that they can reach their goals. Procrastination Hypnosis Nottingham Hypnosis for procrastination is a fantastic tool Continue reading »

Alcohol Therapy in Nottingham

Are you finding that you are drinking too much? Has the occasional drink in the evening now become a nightly occurrence? Are you regularly drinking over the government guidelines and think that you need to make changes in your bad habits to protect your health? If so then our alcohol therapy in Nottingham may be Continue reading »

Coronavirus Anxiety – Mental Health Support Nottingham

During the latest Coronavirus crisis it is really important to look after your mental and physical health. Sensationalist headlines and constant bombardment with doom and gloom media reports can have a profound impact on how you feel. We know that our clients who have problems with anxiety, stress and OCD are particularly finding things difficult Continue reading »

Binge Eating Recovery Without New Year Resolutions

Happy New Year and welcome to a new decade! Today I thought I would talk about New Year Resolutions because there is barely a binge eater that I have worked with who hasn’t spent their January promising to diet, “eat healthier” or cut back on their food. In fact for most binge eaters these resolutions Continue reading »

How to Beat Holiday Stress

Whilst many people think of Christmas as a time of holidays, parties and lots of food and drink others dread the festive period because it can send stress levels through the roof. Learning how to beat holiday stress over December is really important as left unchecked it can increase anxiety or cause feelings of depression. Continue reading »

Deep Sleep Hypnosis for Confidence

If you suffer from a lack of confidence it can seriously hamper your life and stop you reaching your potential. A lack of confidence can make you fearful and afraid of putting yourself out there because of worries about what others will think about you or because you fear failure. You were not born with Continue reading »

Can Hypnosis Relieve Anxiety?

When it comes to anxiety most of our clients will have tried every form of conventional help first. They will have been to their GP and probably been prescribed medication or they will have attended CBT or counselling sessions way before any other possibilities are considered. If these traditional routes don’t work they start to Continue reading »

Confidence Coaching and Therapy BBC Radio Nottingham

BBC Radio Nottingham have a competition going on at the moment called New Voices. The prize is a position as the new presenter on their week day evening show. Even better anyone can apply you just need to turn up and audition. The only problem is that most people’s worries about public speaking and performing Continue reading »

Weight Loss Meditation & Hypnosis

Using a Weight Loss Meditation hypnosis download  can be a great way of training your mind to change its attitude towards food. This is because hypnosis deals with your subconscious mind. This is the part of your mind that governs your habits and works on autopilot even if your conscious mind wants something else. Changing Continue reading »