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Hypnotherapy LeicesterHypnotherapy Leicester

Balance Hypnotherapy Leicester are happy to announce that they have now expanded their successful clinics in London and the South East to the East Midlands. We now offer a full range of hypnosis services to our clients in the Leicestershire area with our clinics based in nearby Nottingham and Newark. With our clinics you get the benefit of a Senior Qualified Hypnotherapist who is also a hypnotherapy supervisor and experienced Harley Street practitioner. That means that we have worked with thousands of clients in one of the most prestigious areas for hypnosis in the UK if not the world.*

Unlike many therapists who dabble in hypnosis or who operate on a part time basis we have been full time practitioners since starting our practice. That means we dedicate ourselves every day to helping our clients get the results they want. Our considerable experience means that you will get a depth of knowledge that inexperienced hypnotherapists will simply not be able to help with.*

Self-Hypnosis Downloads

In addition to our therapy work with individual clients we sell a huge range of self-hypnosis audio downloads which can be purchased from our online store. We have courses and audios dealing with everything from confidence problems to fears and phobias as well as our best selling weight loss audio programs.*

self hypnosis downloadsself hypnosis downloads

Leicestershire Hypnotherapy

If you are looking for Hypnotherapy Leicester then you will find it is worth contacting the experts who go above and beyond simple suggestion hypnosis. Our work can be analytical as well as innovative to move you to a place where you feel positive and in control. Our specialisms include:*

Weight Loss Hypnotherapy

We run a very successful weight loss hypnosis clinic which helps our clients understand the reasons why they may have a problem with overeating. Once we identify the reasons for your problem we work with you to create new positive behaviours. Our Weight loss hypnotherapy is extensive in that we work with sugar and chocolate addiction, binge eating, comfort and emotional eating, mindful eating and portion control. For people who have eating disorders we also work with bulima and binge eating. *

Gastric Band Hypnosis 

In addition to our Weight Loss programs we also run the revolutionary gastric band hypnotherapy system. Over a five session program we prepare you for a virtual gastric band operation to help you trick your subconscious into eating less.*

Stop Smoking Leicester

Looking to quit the habit. We work with our clients over one or two session to support their stop smoking efforts.*

Confidence Coaching

Lacking confidence and feeling that it is holding you back. We offer programs for confidence and self esteem building.*

Fertility Hypnosis

Hypnotherapy has been shown to double the chances of conception if you are having IVF. This is because is helps to remove stress and relax you allowing your body to be in perfect balance. We offer fertility hypnosis in Leicester for anyone who wants help with improving their chances of getting pregnant naturally or through IVF.*

Hypnosis Leicester – Book Your Sessions

These programs are just some of our most popular but we can help with so much more. Fears and phobias, depression, anxiety, sexual issues and IBS. If you are unable to see your problem on our website simply give us a call for hypnotherapy Leciester on:

01636 650 521

*Disclaimer – Please note that as this is a form of therapy we are unable to guarantee results which will vary from person to person.

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