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Fertility Hypnotherapy NottinghamFertility Hypnosis in Nottinghamshire

Studies into stress and anxiety have shown that these problems are increasingly likely to impact a person’s fertility. More specifically academics are linking these problems with an inability to conceive as well as decreasing the chances of a successful IVF treatment. At Balance Hypnosis we are experts in working with our clients to help them reduce their stress levels. We also offer specialist treatments for Fertility Hypnosis in Nottingham to help you manage your stress and anxiety to aid conception and improve your state of mind.*

Recent studies offer compelling evidence to link stress and infertility. At Emory University in the United States Professor Sarah Berga conducted a study into women you had stressful jobs. She noted that these women were at more risk of infertility and were in denial about how stressful their lives really were. On a positive note she discovered that talking therapies helped to reduce the impact of this stress and boosted these women’s chances of becoming pregnant.

The relaxation involved in Fertility hypnosis can be a powerful conception aid as it helps you to manage the impact of stress and create balance within the body. At our clinic we use this with women who are experiencing unexplained fertility. It can also be used to help you deal with anxieties related to an inability to conceive.*

Fertility Hypnosis when it is used to assist infertility teaches you to manage stress so that you can restore balance to the body. This may be helpful especially where you have unexplained infertility or are feeling increased stress and anxiety about your ability to conceive.  During our sessions we work with you to reduce where possible any feelings of worry so that you learn to feel calmer and more relaxed. Our programs are designed to assist you whether you choose to use IVF or natural means to fall pregnant.*

Hypnosis for Infertility

Further studies carried out at Soroka University in Israel found that fertility hypnosis doubled the success of IVF. In their trials they found that 28% of the women in the hypnosis group fell pregnant.  Yet only 14% of women in the group who did not use hypnosis were able to conceive. As well as a huge difference in the conception rate the study also showed that hypnosis helped these women to feel more relaxed, positive and prepared for their IVF.*

If you are having problems with conceiving then fertility hypnotherapy is a great way of teaching you how to manage unhelpful feelings and negative thoughts which may be associated with your inability to become pregnant. Hypnosis can also help you to manage your stress levels and reduce tension. This allows you to give yourself the very best possible chance of either conceiving naturally or through IVF treatment.*

If you have experienced problems conceiving then hypnosis  is a tool which can help to remove unhelpful thoughts and emotions that may be linked to your failure to become pregnant. In addition hypnosis can be used to help manage any stress or tension that you may be feeling. This means that any negative emotions which are creating an adverse environment preventing the success of your IVF cycles can be managed or removed where possible.*

Self-Hypnosis for Fertility

Learning to switch off and relax can make a positive difference to your fertility whilst stress and anxiety can stop you from conceiving. We give all our clients a self-hypnosis for fertility audio to listen at home. You can purchase this relaxation hypnosis download to use at home in our online store.

Relaxation mp3 downloadself-hypnosis for fertility

Our Nottinghamshire Fertility Programs

We currently offer three treatment programs to help you get your mind and body prepared for pregnancy.

Natural Pregnancy Program – Three sessions of hypnosis to manage your stress and increase your relaxation in preparation for conception.*

Remove Negative Thinking – If you feel that you have negative thoughts or issues which are preventing you from falling pregnant we have a four session program to help you alter your mindset.*

IVF Program –This is a five session program which is designed to be tailored around your IVF treatments. If you choose this program please contact us well in advance of your treatments so that we can schedule your appointments to coincide with the your clinic sessions.*

Hypnotherapy for Fertility helps because:

  • We use a holistic approach and choose natural methods over anxiety medication.*
  • All our sessions are tailored to your particular circumstances.*
  • If there is a subconscious problem hypnosis is more likely to find it.*
  • Hypnosis is perfect tool for stress management and mental preparation for pregnancy.*
  • Positive visualisation can be very powerful. Ask any professional athlete!*
  • We mentally prepare you for success not failure.*
  • Where necessary subconscious fears can be worked on (weight gain, relationship issues etc…).*
  • Previous losses can be helped so that you can look towards a positive future.*
  • We even help you with lifestyle issues. Weight Loss help,  assistance to Stop Smoking etc…*

Hypnosis for Fertility Success

For more details about our Fertility Hypnosis in Nottinghamshire then please give us a call for more details.

Disclaimer*Please note that as this is a form of therapy we are unable to guarantee results which may vary from person to person.

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