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Hypnotherapy long eatonHypnotherapy in Long Eaton

Balance Hypnosis have a number of clinics in the Nottinghamshire area. If you are looking for a Hypnotherapist in Long Eaton then our clinics in West Bridgford and Newark-on-Trent are in the vicinity. Our nearest clinic to Derbyshire is based in the Lady Bay area in Nottingham and can be reached in less than half an hour via the A6005. Please see our full address below.

Our clinics can be found at:

The Bay Therapy Centre
21 Trent Boulevard

Chestnut Farmhouse
36 Main Street
NG24 3SA

Hypnosis Treatments in Derbyshire

Balance Hypnotherapy are experts at helping their clients to achieve their goals and reach their potential. We have worked in some of the exclusive areas for hypnosis in the UK and have run a successful hypnotherapy practice in Harley Street. Our main practitioner is also senior qualified which means that if you choose to book with us you get the benefit of years worth of hypnosis experience. To see what our clients say about us read our testimonials page.

Some of our more popular sessions and programs include:

Anxiety Hypnosis 

Specially designed programs to help you to manage fear and negative thinking, panic attacks as well as all symptoms related to Generalised Anxiety Disorder.  Unlike traditional therapy which focusses on teaching coping methods to deal with the problem we work with our clients to discover the root cause of the problem where possible. Even though consciously many of our clients are unsure what is creating their problem the subconcious knows what the problem is and is trying to keep you safe.  Even though you are experiencing what appear to be negative feelings these are just messages from the brain telling you to get away from a situation or person that is bothering you. The problem is that your brain is communicating with you through feelings rather than words. With a hypnotherapists help it is possible to discover what the messages mean and change the any negative reactions.*

Confidence Coaching

Confidence coaching can assist you to remove barriers which are preventing you from success so that you can reach your goals. None of us are born shy or lacking confidence but incidents which happen to us as we move through life can create doubt, embarrassment and stop us from wanting to put ourselves out there in case we fail or are criticised. We help our clients to make positive changes so that they can start to overcome their blockages preventing them from success.*

Gastric Band Hypnotherapy

The popular virtual gastric band program which takes place over five sessions. During your sessions we work together to address problems with cravings, portion control as well as emotional and comfort eating. The therapy takes time to focus on what is creating the problem with overeating such as stress, anxiety, sadness or any other problematic emotion or habit.

Hypnosis for Sleep

We also work with all forms of sleep disorders and insomnia. Sleeping problems in the majority of cases are caused by bad bedtime routines or anxiety and stress. Our programs are designed to teach you methods to manage stress and reset your sleeping patterns so that you are sleeping like a baby. All our clients who attend our sessions are given a strict sleep regime to be followed as well as a sleep hypnosis download to help them switch off.*

Hypnosis Downloads

In addition to our work with clients we also have a full range of self-hypnosis audio downloads which you can use at home to help to make positive change. Just visit our online store for more details on our products and courses.

self hypnosis downloadsself hypnosis downloads

Organising a Booking

If you would like to learn more about our programs or want to book a session please call us for Hypnotherapy Long Eaton on:

01636 650 521

*Please note that as this is a form of therapy we are unable to guarantee results which may vary from person to person

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