Weight Loss Classes in Nottingham

Unlike traditional weight loss courses which tend to run their sessions in groups we like to work with our clients on a one to one basis. Our Weight Loss Classes in Nottingham are designed this way because we know that each individual we see needs tailor made sessions rather than a generic offering. Typical slimming Continue reading »

Sleep Hypnosis Nottingham- Try our Natural Aid to Restoring Normal Sleeping Patterns.

Hypnotherapy for Sleep Nottinghamshire If you are one of the millions of people out there who suffer from insomnia then you need to understand exactly why the problem is occurring and what natural methods you can use to resolve the issue quickly. Note I say natural sleep aids rather than artificial ones. Whilst I am Continue reading »

Hypnotherapy for Fear of Dogs – Cynophobia Help

A Dog Phobia is one of the most common phobias that we have to work with at our clinics. After the dreaded spiders and snakes a fear of dogs comes up extremely high on the list of animal phobias that we treat. Before working with any of our clients we always check whether our clients Continue reading »

Selective Eating Disorder Treatment in Nottingham

At Balance Hypnosis we frequently see clients who suffer from SED. Whether the client is a child or an adult the common problem is that they all tend to eat a very restrictive diet and they do not like trying new food stuffs. This would not be so problematic if it wasn’t for the fact Continue reading »

Choosing The Best Hypnotherapist in Nottingham

How to Find a Clinical Hypnotherapist In Nottinghamshire It can be daunting when you are first looking for the best hypnotherapist in Nottingham especially when you have no friends or family who can give you recommendations  which I why I thought I would write a short guide to help people in Nottinghamshire to find the Continue reading »

Local Hypnosis for Weight Loss in Nottingham

At Balance Hypnotherapy we offer hypnotherapy services to clients locally at our clinics in Nottinghamshire. Currently we run two weight loss hypnosis clinics. One of our clinics is based in West Bridgford near the centre of Nottingham and our secondary clinic is near to Newark on Trent. If you are looking for local hypnosis for Continue reading »

Expert Hypnotherapy in Lincoln

Balance Hypnotherapy are experts in hypnosis with clinics only a short drive from Lincoln in Lincolnshire. Our clinics specialise in helping our clients to reach their goals using hypnosis and NLP. When you choose our clinics you will be seeing a hypnotherapist who is senior qualified and who is also a hypnotherapy supervisor. That means Continue reading »

Natural Remedies for Anxiety

When you first get diagnosed with anxiety by a doctor it is highly likely that you will be offered medication to try and help with your problem. Doctors tend to reach for their prescription pad and before you know it you are starting to take sertraline, venlafaxine, diazepam or even anti-depressants to cope with your Continue reading »

Tackle Cravings with Weight Loss Hypnosis

One of the biggest challenges when working with weight loss clients is helping them to tackle the urge which makes them consume too much of the foods which are making them put on too much weight. As we well know nobody comes to see a hypnotherapist because they are eating too much salad or fruit. Continue reading »

Drink Less Alcohol Hypnotherapy Nottingham

At Balance Hypnotherapy we know that many of our clients would like to find a way to manage their drinking. This means that instead of drinking too much every night of the week they would like to find a way of controlling their intake.  In most cases this means being able to have a drink Continue reading »