Deep Sleep Hypnosis for Confidence

Deep Sleep Hypnosis for confidence self hypnosis meditationIf you suffer from a lack of confidence it can seriously hamper your life and stop you reaching your potential. A lack of confidence can make you fearful and afraid of putting yourself out there because of worries about what others will think about you or because you fear failure. You were not born with a lack of confidence instead it was learned (usually during early childhood) which means that somewhere inside you is that confident person waiting to emerge. Our deep sleep hypnosis for confidence self hypnosis meditation is designed to help you access that part of your mind so that you can bring it into your every day consciousness.

Confidence Hypnosis Sleep

So why is night time the perfect time to listen to your deep sleep hypnosis for confidence download? In my clinical hypnotherapy practice I know that my clients are time poor. They lead busy lives working and looking after their families so they have little time to stop what they are doing and take time out for half an hour to listen to a hypnosis download for confidence. Yet everyone has to take time out to go to bed which means that evening is the perfect time to switch off and relax whilst listening to the audio download.

Sleep Deeply and Relax

The great thing about this deep sleep hypnosis for confidence meditation is that it is specially designed to switch off your busy self critical self conscious mind. This means that if you have difficulty getting to sleep because of over thinking the self hypnosis download should calm your mind and help you relax. Firstly you may find yourself drifting off into a day dream type state where you forget what is being said and eventually you should switch off completely and drift into a deep sleep state.

Improve Confidence & Self Esteem

Whilst your mind switches of the self confidence hypnosis download starts to utilise the power of suggestion to reawaken the part of your mind that has been closed off because of worry or fear. It is a reminder to your mind that within you is a confident person waiting to come out who has the capability of doing far more than they ever thought was possible. The best thing about confidence is that once you start to take steps to utilise it the feelings of anxiety begin to subside and the positive feelings grow stronger. It is like exercising a muscle that has been dormant. The more you do it the bigger your confidence levels should become.

Confidence Hypnosis Meditation

Do you want to try deep sleep hypnosis for confidence? If you want to try and change the way that you are thinking so that you boost your confidence and self esteem our self hypnosis for confidence download can be purchased in our online store. This is sent to you as an mp3 file which can be downloaded on to your computer, phone or tablet so that you can listen to suggestions for confidence in the comfort of your home. Our self hypnosis download store also has a number of other titles that you can use in conjunction with this audio such as Positive Thinking or Stop Worrying and Negative Thinking.

Deep Sleep Hypnosis for Confidence self hypnosis meditation

deep sleep hypnosis for confidence

Please note that our self hypnosis audios should not be listened to when you are doing anything else such as driving a car, operating machinery or having a bath. They are designed to be used when you are relaxed either in your bed or in a comfortable space where you won’t be disturbed for the duration of the audio.