Hypnotherapy for Selective Eating Disorder

hypnosis for selective eating disorder, hypnosis for sedSelective Eating Disorder Hypnotherapy

Selective Eating Disorder is a phobia of eating or trying certain foods. In many cases the person with the problem would really like to attempt to eat new and different foods and flavours but when they try they gag or feel sick. This form of eating disorder differs from people who are simply fussy eaters. A person who is a fussy eater is able to try other foods but just decides that they don’t want to. A person with SED finds that even though they want to try new foods there is a part of them that prevents them from doing so no matter how hard they try. Hypnotherapy for Selective Eating Disorder is designed to help a person with the problem try new foods without experiencing the negative effects of retching or feeling nauseous.*

Hypnotherapy for Selective Eating Disorder

The reasons for people eating selectively are numerous. Just some of the problems that I have encountered are a woman who had nearly choked on a strawberry when she was very young (she had tried to eat it whole) and from that point on her mind refused to eat anything that wasn’t very small in case she was placed in danger. In other clients the problem revolved around issues in the family and getting attention from the parents when they chose not to eat. The great thing about hypnosis is that if a person is relaxed enough with their therapist the real subconscious reason for the problem is more likely to be revealed making the problem easier to resolve.*

During our Selective Eating Disorder Hypnotherapy sessions we always like the person with the problem to attempt to eat new foods during the session. This is why we ask them to bring a selection of products that they haven’t tried before into our sessions so that they can begin the process of altering their old eating behaviour. Please note that not everyone will necessarily like every food they try but the aim of the session is to get them to be able to eat the food without feeling the fear or uncomfortable feelings they normally experience.*

Online Hypnotherapy 

If you are unable to attend the clinic directly then it is possible to conduct sessions via Skype or Facetime. This method is ideal for older teenagers or adults but in younger children face to face work is preferable. Generally for this work I expect to see a client for anywhere between two to six hours work depending on the issue involved. Each session is spread approximately one to two weeks apart.*

Latest Testimonial

Highly recommend Balance Hypnosis! My issues with eating lots of foods has improved no end since my sessions with Martina. I came to you eating no vegetables. After my 3 sessions with you I felt so much better about being able to try new foods!! And since the 1st of January I’ve actually become vegetarian!!?! S. D 2018*

Hypnotherapy for Selective Eating Disorder

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*Disclaimer Please note that as this is a form of therapy we are unable to guarantee results which may vary from person to person.

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