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Hypnotherapy emetophobia NottinghamHypnosis for Emetophobia 

Do you suffer from a fear of being sick? Is your intense fear of vomiting making causing you to avoid public places or are you avoiding situations where you believe that you might either be sick or see someone else being ill? If so then our Hypnotherapy for Emetophobia in Nottingham can help you to lower your anxiety response and calm down any associated fears so that you feel more relaxed and in control.

Emetophobia can rule your life if left unchecked. It can cause panic attacks and make you feel as if you are losing control. Yet with an emetophobia treatment plan, it is possible to change unhelpful thoughts and break free from this anxiety-related condition.

Why Do Some People Have an Intense Fear of Vomiting

Emetophobia or a Fear of being sick is one of the most common phobias in the UK today even though it is not very commonly discussed.

It is defined as an irrational anxiety or fear of vomiting. Its origins vary from person to person but generally, the fear of being sick is likely to have started in childhood because of a traumatic event. Traumatic events in relation to emetophobia may not seem horrific to an adult but they can be incredibly scary as a child.

Usually, the problem either begins because the child is sick themselves and they fear scared themselves or because they have witnessed someone else being ill which frightened them.

The fear is likely to be more intense in children who were ill and felt that there was nobody there to help them when they needed it or when they were sick in a public place which caused them embarrassment or shame. From that point on the subconscious mind wants to prevent a similar situation from occurring again and so starts to avoid similar situations.

Hypnotherapy for Emetophobia Nottingham can help to determine where possible the root cause of this subconscious issue is so that the anxiety can be more easily controlled.*

Why Emetophobia is So Problematic

The problem with anxiety disorders such as emetophobia is that they can be debilitating for many people. Daily life can be severely impacted by the health anxiety causing people to

  • Fear Vomiting in Public
  • Fear of Feeling Nauseous
  • Avoidance of Public Transport
  • Sitting Near Exits So You Can Leave a Situation Quickly
  • Fear of Having Children Due to Morning Sickness
  • Fear of Eating in Restaurants In Case of Food Poisoning
  • Fear of Being Travel Sick
  • Fear of Eating Unfamiliar Foods
  • Avoidance of Social Events

When fears and phobias are left unchecked they can soon start to take over your life. This is because your unconscious mind will use extreme avoidance tactics to avoid places where it feels that the problem could occur. Hypnosis for anxiety issues can be a great way of helping people overcome their worries and fears.

The Problem With Anticipatory Anxiety

Our hypnotherapy for emetophobia in Nottingham recognises that the biggest problem with our clients who suffer from a fear of being sick is not the illness itself but the anticipation that something could happen.

Anticipatory anxiety means that on a daily basis our clients may feel on edge and worried about something happening even though the likelihood of a problem occurring is relatively small. This feeling is similar to what people feel when they have a generalised anxiety disorder.

Hypnotherapy works well at helping this feeling as it calms down the anxiety response and prevents the subconscious from continually looking out for danger.

Does Hypnotherapy Work For Emetophobia?

Talking therapies such as emetophobia hypnotherapy have a good track record in helping resolve fears and phobias as well as health anxiety.

Firstly because the deep relaxation that occurs in hypnosis is great at calming down the anxiety response. When our clients feel calm it becomes much easier to help them address the issue because they feel more in control.

Secondly, when our clients are in hypnosis they are able to work with an emetophobia therapist to understand the root causes of their fears so that therapy can be aimed directly at the problem.

In addition, we have expertise in our hypnotherapy practice of using Neuro-Linguistic Programming which allows us to also use other new psychological methods to resolve a specific phobia or fear.

Exposure Therapy for A Fear of Being Sick

Exposure therapy can also be used in some cases of emetophobia. This can be an effective treatment as gently exposing most people to their fears can help to collapse them.

Resolving emetophobia using this method is always conducted with the client’s consent and carried out in a measured and controlled way to help reduce the fear.

Most people respond well to this form of therapy but we will assess each case to consider suitability.

Self-Hypnosis for Emetophobia

If you are unable to attend our clinics for one-to-one treatment with our clinical hypnotherapist then you can learn to take back control by using self-hypnosis to manage your anxiety and fears. We have a five-part mp3 program which can be purchased in our online store to help.

Use a download daily to help with the particular problem that you are experiencing. Our audio download has tracks to help with worrying and negative thinking, panic attacks, general anxiety, sleep problems and an mp3 for deep relaxation.

Self Hypnosis for Emetophobiaself-hypnosis for emetophobia

Hypnotherapy Treatment For a Fear of Being Sick 

Hypnosis is a great tool for finding out exactly what is at the root of your irrational fears and thoughts. We help you to think about what caused your problem to start and then work with you to change how your mind thinks about that situation in the past.

In particular, we teach you new positive behaviours and relaxation techniques so that you take back control. Gradually we work with you so that you are desensitised from your triggers so that you can live your life without any negative thoughts or behaviours. This fear is also often referred to as vomit phobia or a fear of illness.*

Booking Your Therapy Sessions to Help With Vomit Phobia

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Disclaimer*Please note that as this is a form of therapy we are unable to guarantee results which may vary from person to person.

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