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Hypnotherapy emetophobia NottinghamHypnotherapy For Fear of Being Sick Nottinghamshire

Emetophobia or a Fear of being sick is one of the most common phobias in the UK today even though it is not very commonly discussed. It is defined as an irrational anxiety or fear of vomiting. Generally its origins stem from childhood or an event when an individual has accidentally vomited in public causing feeling of anxiety and embarrassment. When a child is sick or sees someone else being ill they will feel fear so their subconscious minds will try and protect them by avoiding a similar situation again. In order to maintain this control they will use extreme avoidance tactics to stop the same situation from occurring again. Hypnotherapy for Emetophobia Nottingham helps to determine where possible the root cause of this subconscious issue is so that it can be more easily controlled.*

Emetophobia can be an extremely debilitating illness because it can make you:

• Fear Vomiting in Public
• Fear Feeling Nauseous
• Avoid Public Transport
• Make You Sit Near Exits So You Can Leave a Situation Quickly
• Fear Having Children Due to Morning Sickness
• Fear of Being Sick
• Stop Eating in Restaurants
• Fear Eating Unfamiliar Foods
• Avoid Social Events

Hypnotherapy for Fear of Being Sick – Treatment

Hypnosis is a great tool for finding out exactly what is at the root of your irrational fears and thoughts. We help you to think about what caused your problem to start and then work with you to change how your mind thinks about that situation in the past. In particular we teach you new positive behaviours and relaxation techniques so that you take back control. Gradually we work with you so that you are desensitised from your triggers so that you can live your life without any negative thoughts or behaviours. This fear is also often referred to as vomit phobia or a fear of illness.*

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