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Hypnobirthing is a powerful tool which can help you to take control of your labour so that you have a safer and more comfortable birth. It enables you to choose the birth that you really want instead of being forced to go down the generic one size fits all route. At our Hypnobirthing Nottingham classes we work with you so that you recognise your natural birthing instinct so that you feel comfortable, relaxed and in control at all times.*

Hypnobirthing has been shown in studies to:-

  • Lead to a shorter labour and birth for many women
  • Reduce the need for medication and pain relief
  • Decreases the risk of an episiotomy or tearing
  • Reduces the risk of a managed labour
  • Have a calmer baby who sleeps and feeds well

Hypnobirthing Nottingham teaches you and your partner a wonderful birth education program which includes relaxation and breathing techniques as well self hypnosis and birth preparation. At our Hypnobirthing classes we also spend time with you teaching hypnotic pain control methods.
Unlike most Hypnobirthing teachers who only teach only theory we actively work with people who are in pain during our clinics. This means that we are at the cutting edge of the latest pain control techniques used in hypnosis.*

Hypnobirthing Nottingham Session Structure

Current sessions are structured over three sessions which each last approximately two hours. I currently offer only one-to-one Hypnobirthing as this ensures that you get the individual attention that you need. The optimal time to begin the course is when you are approximately 30 weeks pregnant with subsequent sessions taking place at 32 and 34 weeks. This schedule can however be tailored to your individual needs as huge benefits are generally seen from learning hypnosis at any point in your labour.

During the Hypnobirthing classes you will be taught self hypnosis techniques which can help you to stay calm and relaxed both at home and in a medical environment. In particular you will be taught to take back control of your labour so that you have the confidence to run with your natural instincts rather than automatically follow a birth plan devised by someone else which may not be suitable for you.*

As part of the course program you will receive a manual detailing all the aspects of the course and an mp3 containing a relaxation audio so that you can practice at home. As each expectant mother has unique needs I am also happy to tailor the program to help with medical phobias, nausea control, stress management or any other issues that may interfere with your labour.*

During these Nottinghamshire Hypnobirthing classes you can expect to gain a comprehensive knowledge of:

  • Visualisation techniques which will help you to feel relaxed, calm and in control
  • Massage Techniques to enable you to release your natural endorphins which act as painkillers
  • How to write a birth plan so that you cover all your available options
  • Involving your partner so that they become an integral part of the birth
  • How to be in control but still work effectively with your medical team
  • A guide to the different birth positions so that you can make an informed choice
  • Pirineal massage information so that you reduce the risk of tearing *

When you complete a Hypnobirthing course you are choosing to transform your labour. The statistics of the Fertility2birth practitioners speak for themselves as they show that 50% of the expectant mothers who have trained with us have a labour lasting less than five hours. The average length of a labour is just eight hours for a first child. In addition women who have completed this Hypnobirthing program have an extremely low rate of emergency caesarean at 7%. This is because our course is created so that it is straightforward and uses simple techniques that can be practiced at home with amazing results.*

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Disclaimer*Please note that as this is a form of therapy we are unable to guarantee results which may vary from person to person.

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