Choosing The Best Hypnotherapist in Nottingham

Hypnotherapist in NottinghamIt can be daunting when you are first looking for a hypnotherapist especially when you have no friends or family who can give you recommendations  which I why I thought I would write this guide to help clients in Nottinghamshire find the perfect hypnotherapist for them. As a hypnotherapist in Nottingham I get calls every day from potential clients looking for help with their problems. In many cases these people have no idea whether the person they are seeing is experienced, works with their kind of problem or whether they have any qualifications to speak of. Believe it or not the hypnosis industry in the UK is totally unregulated which means that anyone can call themselves a hypnotherapist with little or no training. Look out for the following when you are booking your sessions to ensure that you are treated by a professional and get the very best treatment that you deserve.

Is your Nottingham Hypnotherapist a member of a Professional Body?

Any hypnotherapist who is serious about their profession is likely to be a member of a Professional Body. Here are two of the biggest in the UK.

The General Hypnotherapy Register

The National Council for Hypnotherapy

There are of course many other professional bodies out there but check carefully before using one of their hypnotherapists. In some cases these so called “professional” organisations are not run independently but by people running cheap training schools. In other words they are accrediting people who have taken part in their training as being fit to work with the general public. With no external validation or scrutiny it is impossible to see verify that their practitioners are in fact suitably qualified.

Did your Hypnotherapist Get their Qualification Online?

Hypnotherapy is all about the rapport that you have with your clients. As a hypnotherapist in Nottingham I pride myself on having worked for thousands of hours with my clients. Even when I was hypnosis student part of the training involved working with clients on a one to one basis using hypnosis to help them enter into a trance. Yet some training schools teach their students online. That means at no stage in their training have they ever worked with real clients face to face. This is akin to a surgeon having learned everything from text books and never carried out an operation. Would you want this person to be responsible for your well-being? Where possible choose hypnotherapists who have the right training.

Does your Hypnotherapist Work Part Time?

The vast majority of hypnotherapists in the UK today work on a part time basis. That means that they are seeing only four or five clients a week if that (some may see significantly less). Now of course this is fine when an experienced hypnotherapist has decided to semi retire but not so great when the person you are seeing barely has any experience. As with anything in life the more you do it the better you get. As a full time hypnotherapist in Nottingham I see many clients each week which means that over the years I have built up thousands of hours of experience. It means that when a client comes to see me for weight loss hypnosis, anxiety help or confidence coaching I will have treated many similar issues before successfully. Again try and choose someone who had the benefit of many hours of client work.

Can your Hypnotherapist work with Your Particular Problem? 

Many hypnotherapists specialise which means that they see large numbers of clients with a particular problem. I specialise in:

Although these are my specialisms I see many clients for all kinds of problems and have considerable experience helping resolve many issues. An inexperienced hypnotherapy practitioner however may not have the in-depth knowledge to fully deal with your particular problem. For example I spent two years working with a Cancer Charity using hypnosis with their members. A typical hypnotherapist is likely to see a cancer patient once every five years. Clearly choosing a specialist such as a myself is likely to have a greater impact on your problem.

Talk to a Hypnotherapy Professional

If you would like to talk to a clinical hypnotherapist in Nottingham to find out more about our services simply give us a call today for more information. We are always happy for potential clients to ask questions and we can be reached Monday to Friday on 01636 650 521.