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Selective Eating Disorder Treatment NottinghamAt Balance Hypnosis we frequently see clients who suffer from SED. Whether the client is a child or an adult the common problem is that they all tend to eat a very restrictive diet and they do not like trying new food stuffs. This would not be so problematic if it wasn’t for the fact that many of the foods that they do eat tend to be high in carbohydrates. In many cases it can be difficult to find a vegetable or fruit that a picky eater will touch which means they are missing out on essential vitamins and minerals. Our selective eating disorder treatment in Nottingham works with our clients to understand why the problem exists and then helps them to overcome the aversion.

SED Help in Nottinghamshire

From our experience of working with our clients we know that this problem usually starts in childhood and can persist well into adulthood.  There can be a number of reasons why the problem begins including:

The child was sick or choked on a certain food when they were young.

Not eating certain foods was a way of getting attention from their parents.

As a child their parents allowed them to eat what they wanted.

Sensitivities to food because of other health issues.

What is known that once the problem begins the child will typically exist on a bland diet of foods such as pizza, chips, chicken nuggets or plain sandwiches. This restrictive diet this continues well into adulthood. When new foods are brought into the mix the child or adult will complain about the textures, the taste or smell and in many cases will not even want to try the food.

Picky Eating Therapy

Our Selective Eating Disorder treatment in Nottingham concentrates on two key elements. Getting our client relaxed enough under hypnosis so that they start to try new foods. Where possible understanding why the problem may still persist. Our picky eating therapy with adults for example often finds that the problem persists because of a fear of choking. As a child they may have eaten something that made them choke and from that point on part of their mind tries to protect them from harm by only allowing them to eat only “safe food”. Usually once the root cause of this anxiety established it is relatively easy to remove the phobia or fear.

As part of our program we usually ask our clients to bring a number of different foods that they would not usually try to their sessions with them. Under hypnosis our clients are usually much more willing to try new food stuffs. We should point out that we do not expect our clients to love each new food they try. We simply help them to broaden the foods that they will eat and as with most adults there will be certain foods that they still dislike.

Example of our Work

A female client with selective eating disorder came to our clinic and reported that she had been following a restrictive diet since she was a child. She knew it wasn’t healthy but whenever she tried to eat something that was out of her comfort zone she started to gag on the food. She was now planning to have a dream holiday in the United States but felt it would be ruined by her inability to try all the amazing food that was on offer in the country.

Over the course of three one hour hypnotherapy sessions we transformed her eating patterns forever. It soon came out under hypnosis that when she was a child she had choked on a strawberry that she had stolen from a dessert her mother was making. That huge scare sent her mind into self protection mode and from that point on had decided it could now only eat small soft food. Although the mind knew what it was doing as an adult she had long forgotten the problem.

Once we were aware of why the SED problem was there it was relatively easy to create change. With some simple suggestions to remind the subconscious that she was now an adult and would never eat a food with cutting it up first the fear subsided. At the end of her third session she was eating the foods that she would never try. As you can see from her testimonial she has continued to expand the foods that she eats.

Thank you so much for everything you did to help me overcome my food issues. I am really proud of what I’ve achieved and have continued to try new foods with great success. I would really like to write a testimony for your website as you have helped me changed my life, and I am now confident when trying new foods, and do not automatically say ‘I don’t like it’ without even trying it! Thank you once again, your work really has been life changing for me! (J.F)

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