Hypnotherapy To Stop Gambling

Hypnotherapy for Gambling NottinghamHypnosis for Gambling Nottingham

The need that people have to gamble is linked to addictive behaviour. Although they are not addicted to an actual substance they compulsion to carry out a negative act which impacts them mentally, socially, phsically and financially. In most cases the gambling starts in a small way with some minor betting activity but over a period of time the need to carry out the activity becomes deeper rooted. Although many people believe that the need to gamble is linked to a need to win it is generally the adrenaline thrill that the gambler experiences that creates the addicton. Whilst the gambler experiences this high they are dissociating from any negative thoughts which may be fueling the problem. Hypnotherapy to Stop Gambling Addiction can be a useful tool to help discover the reasons behind the problem and to help a person create behaviour change*

Signs of Gambling Addiction

If you are experiencing any of the following then your gambling habit may have become out of control:

  • Your need to gamble has become more and more frequent
  • Even after large losses you continue to gamble
  • Larger and larger amounts of your salary have been spend on gambling
  • You borrow money or are eating into savings in order to gamble
  • Much of your spare time is spent gambling
  • Your relationships and social life are being impacted by the gambling
  • The gambling is making you feel periods of depression or creating mood swings

Hypnotherapy for Gambling Nottingham

At our Hypnotherapy clinics in Nottingham we work with our clients to give them the help they need to take back control. Our first task is to help our clients understand the reasons why they feel the compulsion to gamble. We understand that many gamblers carry out the activity because they are try to avoid other negative thoughts and feelings and therefore the act of gambling creates a distractive behaviour. Our Hypnotherapy to Stop Gambling in Nottingham works with you to overcome these issues so that you learn to think in a new positive manner. Our hypnosis for gambling addiction program lasts for five sessions.*

Hypnotherapy can help you to:

  • Boost your self confidence and tackle areas of low self esteem
  • Understand what the underlying emotions are that are prolonging the gambling habit
  • Give you self help tools to aid your recovery
  • Help you to find positive emotions to overcome the need to gamble*

Self-Hypnosis for Gambling

As part of our work with our clients we teach self-hypnosis for gambling to allow our clients to learn to take control of their habit outside the therapy room. Self-hypnosis allows you to change subconscious habits and visualise new alternative positive behaviours. Used daily it can assist our clients in making significant changes to problems with addiction.*

Hypnotherapy for Gambling Treatment in Nottingham

If you would like to find out more about our Hypnotherapy to Stop Gambling Addiction programs in Nottinghamshire simply call us today for more details. We offer all our clients a free telephone conversation before booking you on to our hypnosis programs. Simply call us on:

01636 650 521

*Please note that as this is a form of therapy we are unable to guarantee results which may vary from person to person

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