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The Hypno-band© is a unique system for weight loss which involves Hypnotherapy and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy to help your subconscious believe that you have had a gastric band fitted. The system does not involve any faddy diets, weight loss supplements or complicated patterns of eating instead it focuses on retraining your mind. Through this tried and tested combination of therapies your licensed Hypno-Band Nottingham practitioner will work with you to alter your eating habits. This program is trademarked so beware imitators as only licensed practitioners and fully qualified hypnotherapists are able to offer the genuine treatment protocol.*

Gastric Band Hypnotherapy is used by your therapist as it helps you to use visualisation techniques to picture your stomach reducing in size so that you eat less and feel full quicker. This is a natural weight loss program and does not require you to undergo surgery. The Gastric Hypno-Band has advantages over the surgical weight loss options as it is significantly cheaper than the cost of an operation and does not involve any risk. It also works with you to tackle the triggers for your overeating which the operation is unable to do.*

How does the Hypno-band work?

Gastric Band Hypnotherapy works by helping you visualise under hypnosis that your stomach has shrunk down to the size of a golf ball so that you will eat less. During virtual surgery the Hypnotic Gastric Band is installed and placed around the top of your stomach to make your subconscious believe that you are less hungry. When visualisation is combined with mindful eating and CBT it can help you to change your eating habits so they are more in control around food.*

The Hypno-Band Nottingham treatment plan also includes therapy sessions to explore if there are any emotional reasons for your overeating. It is very common for people to overeat to compensate for other problems in their life and some of these may have been with them for many years. In particular overeating can be caused by anxiety, depression, loneliness, boredom or even for comfort. These emotions can sometimes be deeply buried which means it can be difficult to discover them during traditional counselling methods which is why we use analytical hypnosis to see if something is bothering you at the back of your mind. If we do discover an issue which my be causing you a problem we work with you to try and overcome the problem so that you can install new better eating behaviours.*

Free Hypno-Band Consultations

All potential clients are offered a free telephone consultation so that they can discuss the Hypno-Band procedure in more detail. This consultation allows you to ask any questions you would like to know about Gastric Band Hypnosis so that you are entirely comfortable with the program. We may also ask you questions to ascertain your suitability.

Who is Suitable for the Hypno-Band?

Generally the Hypno-Band is suitable for people who are committed to losing weight and have a BMI of over 25. If you are committed to losing weight and ready to change your life style then you would be considered suitable. The program is not suitable for individuals who have a physiological reason for their weight gain. In particular individuals with thyroid problems would need to have their condition stabilised by a doctor before beginning the program.

Will the Hypno-Band work for me?

The Hypno Gastric Band is a treatment program which requires input from both the therapist and client. No weight loss system will work for you unless you are committed to losing weight and are prepared to change your diet and lifestyle. During each Gastric Band hypnosis session you may be given tasks or homework to do which must be completed before the next session to ensure your success. The Hypno-Band system gives you the tools and ability to lose and maintain a healthier body but you need to be serious about losing weight and following the program.

Is the Hypno-Band guaranteed?

No medical or therapy procedure can offer definite guarantees. Even a surgeon will be unable to guarantee that a real gastric band will work. The Virtual Gastric Band has been proven to be an effective tool in aiding significant weight loss however the key to your success is you. No system will work if you do not put in 100% commitment. You will only lose significant amounts of weight if you eat less! The Hypno-Band sessions will give you the tools so that you can change your behaviour and lifestyle so that you can lose weight permanently.

Will the Hypno-Band hurt?

The Gastric Hypnotic Band procedure is relaxing and comfortable and a totally natural form of treatment.

Does the Hypno-Band create side effects?

No. There will be no side effects associated with undergoing the Hypno-Band procedure.

How long does the Hypno-Band procedure take?

Generally the whole process takes place over five one hour sessions. The sessions will take place approximately one week apart. There is some flexibility in this program so feel free to ask the therapist how it can be tailored to you. I ask all my Hypno-Band clients to fully complete the program within 10 weeks of the start date.

What do you get for your money with Hypno-Band Program?

The Hypnotic Gastric Band procedure consists of five one hour sessions plus audios which you use for any reinforcement between sessions. The therapist will take a dietary and medical history as well as a general assessment during the first session. During the first session we will begin with an initial assessment and you will be given all the information necessary to begin your weight loss program. In the second session you will be introduced to hypnosis and experience the feeling of calm and relaxation that results from you being hypnotised. During the third session you will be introduced to your virtual surgeon and anaesthetist under hypnosis and by the fourth session you will have your Hypno-Band fitted.*

If any in depth analytical work needs to be completed this is likely to take place between the second and third sessions. The fifth session is used to reinforce the suggestions and to check that your Hypno-Band is working perfectly. Please note that as we tailor these sessions to you we may alter the way the sessions run to get the best possible results.*

How to I book for my Hypno-Band Sessions?

Please call on the following number to ask more questions about the Hypno-Band Nottingham procedure and book your appointments.

Disclaimer*Please note that as this is a form of therapy we are unable to guarantee results which may vary from person to person.

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