Binge Eating Recovery Without New Year Resolutions

Happy New Year and welcome to a new decade! Today I thought I would talk about New Year Resolutions because there is barely a binge eater that I have worked with who hasn’t spent their January promising to diet, “eat healthier” or cut back on their food. In fact for most binge eaters these resolutions Continue reading »

Weight Loss Meditation & Hypnosis

Using a Weight Loss Meditation hypnosis download  can be a great way of training your mind to change its attitude towards food. This is because hypnosis deals with your subconscious mind. This is the part of your mind that governs your habits and works on autopilot even if your conscious mind wants something else. Changing Continue reading »

Hypnosis for Overeating – Do you Really Need Weight Loss Hypnotherapy?

Problems with food are a very common reason why people look for a hypnotherapist. In general it is because the person is eating too much but we also see people who want to gain weight or have selective eating disorder. Yet when we get the call from a potential clients needing help with overeating they Continue reading »

Weight Loss Classes in Nottingham

Unlike traditional weight loss courses which tend to run their sessions in groups we like to work with our clients on a one to one basis. Our Weight Loss Classes in Nottingham are designed this way because we know that each individual we see needs tailor made sessions rather than a generic offering. Typical slimming Continue reading »

Local Hypnosis for Weight Loss in Nottingham

At Balance Hypnotherapy we offer hypnotherapy services to clients locally at our clinics in Nottinghamshire. Currently we run two weight loss hypnosis clinics. One of our clinics is based in West Bridgford near the centre of Nottingham and our secondary clinic is near to Newark on Trent. If you are looking for local hypnosis for Continue reading »

Tackle Cravings with Weight Loss Hypnosis

One of the biggest challenges when working with weight loss clients is helping them to tackle the urge which makes them consume too much of the foods which are making them put on too much weight. As we well know nobody comes to see a hypnotherapist because they are eating too much salad or fruit. Continue reading »

Why Weight Loss Hypnosis Must Address Portion Control

At Balance Hypnotherapy we have spent years specialising in weight loss hypnosis. We know that in order to get great results for our clients one of the most importance issues that we usually need to address in our sessions is portion control. So many of our clients complain that they are unable to tell when Continue reading »

Gastric Band Hypnotherapy in Nottingham

If you are looking to get help to lose weight then our Gastric Band Hypnotherapy in Nottingam has proved to be one of our most popular programs to help people shed the pounds. This form of hypnosis tends to use a mixture of hypnosis, CBT, Mindfulness as well as coaching to help our clients take Continue reading »

Weight Loss Hypnotherapy in Nottinghamshire

Balance Hypnosis are market leaders in working with our clients to help them lose weight. We know that diets don’t work and in fact often make people put on more weight instead of losing it! Most of the people that we see for help have been on diets for years. Yes they will have lost Continue reading »

Weight Loss Hypnotherapy Newark

If you are looking for Weight Loss Hypnotherapy Newark then Balance Hypnosis specialise in helping people to lose weight without using traditional dieting methods. We are aware that there are many different triggers which can cause people to overeat therefore all our programs are tailor made to suit your individual circumstances. Over a series of Continue reading »