Weight Loss Classes in Nottingham

Weight Loss Classes In NottinghamUnlike traditional weight loss courses which tend to run their sessions in groups we like to work with our clients on a one to one basis. Our Weight Loss Classes in Nottingham are designed this way because we know that each individual we see needs tailor made sessions rather than a generic offering. Typical slimming classes whilst useful at showing people what they should and shouldn’t eat don’t usually address the reasons why a person may be having a struggle with food. In fact in most cases the clients we see know exactly what they should and shouldn’t be eating but can’t seem to stop themselves from making the wrong choices. This means that a diet plan which just offers menu suggestions is not enough.

Why Cheap Weight Loss Classes Don’t work

Typical weight loss classes in Nottingham are great at offering support, teaching you lessons on meal planning and preparation. They help you to count calories and they try and motivate you. Of course some will also sell you additional products which boosts the course leaders income. Many people who attend the classes may have done so for years. Sometimes they will have lost a lot of weight but in many cases they will have gained it as well meaning that they may have rejoined the classes again and again. This is because most dieters, around 90 to 95% regain all the weight that they have lost within three years! So it seems that all the major weight loss classes actually make a fortune by not getting their members lose weight.

There are a number of reasons why this is the case:

  1. Diets = Deprivation. That means if you are put on one you instantly feel as if you are missing out, leading to cravings and eventual failure.
  2. Emotions – Most people who overeat have a problem because they have an emotional need that they address with food.
  3. Habit – We build up strong associations with food which can be hard to break and need to be tackled.

Diets don’t Work

At our Weight Loss Classes in Nottingham we never put our clients on a diet as it is totally pointless. Imagine if I said to you that you can never have chocolate again. I bet the first thing that you brain would think of was chocolate. Before long you would be dreaming of that chocolate and in the end you give in and sneak a bar because you felt deprived. The whole point of our weight loss hypnotherapy is for our clients to eat totally normal foods but to understand when they are full and when they are hungry.

Emotional Eating Help

Typical weight loss classes spend very little time getting to grips with emotions and this is because in a class of twenty to sixty people it is impossible to address why each person may have a problem. Here are just a few of the issues that I have encountered when working on a one to one basis with my clients:

  1. Used to comfort eat as a child as it would make them feel better about their parents arguments.
  2. Started to gain weight after a cousin had touched them in an inappropriate way. Being fat created safety as if they were unattractive it wouldn’t happen again.
  3. They suffered from anxiety from a young age which makes them nervous and on edge. Eating helps to distract from those feelings.
  4. They have perfectionist tendencies and never feel good enough. The more they diet to get the perfect figure the more they fail. Failure knocks their confidence and makes them want to eat again.
  5. At one point in their life they were the perfect weight but then they married, had children and gave up their career. Now they feel worthless and food is a way of comforting them through this.

So there are five good reasons why those clients would not lose weight on a conventional diet. This is because they started eating either to comfort themselves or to keep them feeling safe. Now their mind keeps on carrying out the same behaviours again and again.


Emotional eating and habits are linked. This is because the first time that someone eats for emotional reasons there is a sense of either happiness, contentment or the person feels slightly better because they have temporarily forgotten what was on their mind. This means that the subconscious notes this down and decides that this is a tool that can be used again and again. So the next time the person feels upset, worried, anxious or angry it reminds them that food helped and so the habit continues. Usually by the time we see our clients these behaviours have been going on for years.

How Weight Loss Hypnotherapy Can Make a Difference

When you understand your triggers it can be much easier to put into place tactics to overcome those issues. Usually when someone reaches for the food it is an unconscious thought process which means it is done automatically and without thinking. If however you were aware that every time you have an argument you reach for food then you can put in place alternative positive behaviours thereby reducing and then stopping the habit. In most cases hypnosis is able to help you not only find out what your triggers are but to also create the new behaviour at a subconscious level so you hardly need to think about the change. We do this through suggestion hypnosis, mindfulness, NLP and Coaching.

So the next time you think about weight loss classes in Nottingham invest in yourself and see a qualified Clinical Hypnotherapist who specialises in Weight Loss. You may find that they are the missing part of the jigsaw puzzle that can make all the difference. If you would like to talk to us about our weight loss hypnotherapy you can call us today on 01636 650 521 for more information.