Gastric Band Hypnotherapy in Nottingham

Gastric Band Hypnotherapy NottinghamIf you are looking to get help to lose weight then our Gastric Band Hypnotherapy in Nottingam has proved to be one of our most popular programs to help people shed the pounds. This form of hypnosis tends to use a mixture of hypnosis, CBT, Mindfulness as well as coaching to help our clients take control over their eating patterns. Although many people first reading about the program call us thinking it is a magic wand it is a very complex form of therapy that aids weight loss through the clients dealing with the trigger emotions behind their emotional eating. Yes suggestion hypnosis in the form of a virtual operation is used in the process but there are also many other forms of work completed during the sessions before this takes place.

Slimming Hypnosis Without a Diet

First of all your therapist is likely to tear up the old school rule book which suggests that you go on a strict diet to lose the pounds. Yes of course diets work in the short term but the reality is that the vast majority will fail in the longer term leading clients to put back all the weight they lost originally plus in many cases some extra pounds along the way. Our focus is to help our client to understand the fundamental difference between being full, hungry or simply emotionally hungry. In reality many of us eat when we are not hungry. We can call this mindless eating or emotional eating. The eating dissociates us from worries, stress or anxiety and allows us to switch off for just a short period of time. Of course it is not long before the food has gone and the original problems return leading to guilt and of course weight gain.

Mindful Eating Classes Nottingham

All our clients as part of our Gastric Band Hypnotherapy in Nottingham are taught to eat mindfully. That means concentrating on the food they are eating so that they can recognise the messages that their body is trying to tell them. In order to aid this process all our clients are given a sheet of instructions to follow as well as a portion control hypnosis audio to help them relearn a new way of eating. If a client follows the advice they are given they usually find that they are eating less and feeling full more quickly without any changes to the foods that they typically eat.

Five Session Weight Loss Program

The Hypno-Band program usually takes place over five sessions where we help our clients to not only to understand the messages their body is giving them but also so that we can understand their emotional triggers. Very few people come in to see us ignorant of the foods that they should be eating. Instead these clients are very aware that they are eating the wrong thing but they can’t seem to be able to control themselves when confronted with food. If there is not a medical reason for their problem, or a lack of understanding about what they should eat it means that their is generally a psychological element to the problem.

Here is a simple way that an emotional issue in childhood can set off problem eating. Imagine that a child is six or seven and they start to hear arguments between their parents. The shouting that they hear is scary and upsetting to the child. As the rows continue there is talk of divorce or a parent leaves the house threatening to not come back. Now the child feel increasingly anxious and worried and so reaches out for something to help it get some comfort in this case food. While they are eating the food they feel safer and the worry disappears for a short period of time. Even if the original problem between the parents is resolved the child has learned to use food as a coping mechanism. Now every time they feel any anxiety or worry the subconscious remembers that food helps and they overeat.

Gastric Band Hypnosis In Nottingham

Our Gastric Band Hypnotherapy in Nottingham is a program to help our clients to understand where their triggers for their eating began. If we are able to help you find out the fundamental reasons for your overeating we then work with you to try and change the way that your subconscious works by offering it alternative coping mechanisms instead. This is because as an adult the original behaviour is no longer useful or helpful and so needs the subconscious needs to be taught a better way of resolving its fears or worries. The virtual gastric band hypnosis operation only takes place after this work has been completed and helps to drive home the message that you don’t want to eat more food because your stomach is full.

Arranging Your Appointment

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