Hypnosis for Overeating – Do you Really Need Weight Loss Hypnotherapy?

hypnosis for overeatingProblems with food are a very common reason why people look for a hypnotherapist. In general it is because the person is eating too much but we also see people who want to gain weight or have selective eating disorder. Yet when we get the call from a potential clients needing help with overeating they naturally assume they need weight loss hypnotherapy. Hypnosis for overeating is actually more complex than people think and dieting is not necessarily the solution to every problem with food.

Binge Eating Hypnosis

One of the first questions I ask people on the phone is do they ever binge eat food? Why? Because Binge eating is actually a sign of an eating disorder which is different to people eating too big portion sizes or having too many snacks. If you have this disorder then the very action of going on a diet is actually going to make your problem worse. Even though you are overeating it is usually in short bursts with a lot of calories being eaten at one time. Food is used to dissociate from other problems such as anxiety, stress or low self-esteem. Our binge eating hypnosis program concentrates on getting to the bottom of the real problem and working on that instead of just treating the symptoms.

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Hypnosis for Eating Less

Even if you are not a binge eater dieting is rarely the answer to your problems. We always need to understand the reasons for your issues and work on these rather than just restricting calories. For example are you an emotional or comfort eater? Do you crave sugar? Have you experienced the problem since childhood or has it occurred relatively recently? Do you plan your meals? Do you find time to look after yourself?

Hypnosis for overeating is not a miracle solution. Instead it is used to help our clients understand the underlying reasons for their problem and help them to change their mindset around their issues. So if our clients have anxiety that needs to be helped so the eating changes. If they can’t be bothered to plan their meals then we need to find out why they are reluctant to take care of themselves. Find the underlying problem and you can start to create change.

Hypnosis for Food Addiction

Many of our clients ask if they have an addiction to food which is highly unlikely. Instead our clients need to address issues such as classic conditioning. What do I mean by this? Well imagine that every evening for the past five years you have eaten a chocolate bar in front of the TV after dinner at 8pm. Now on the first day of the sixth year you decide to stop. When it comes to 8pm every part of you is craving that chocolate bar as you have created a habit or conditioned yourself to do the same thing every single day. Habit reversal is an important part of the process of creating change.

Secondly part of the reason you chose to have that chocolate bar every evening was because you are working in a stressful job. You get home and after your have looked after the children and done the housework you want to switch off. Your “drug” of choice to do this is chocolate but all around the country other people are using wine, drugs or even internet shopping to do the same. For this person helping them to manage their stress would be an important part of the process. Weight loss hypnosis should consist of bespoke sessions tailored to your specific needs.

Self-Hypnosis for Overeating

Want to try some self help for these problems at home? We have a best selling weight loss program which can help with portion control, cravings, emotional eating and mindset. This self-hypnosis for overeating audio program is available to buy in our online shop today.

self hypnosis for overeating
self hypnosis for overeating

Food Hypnosis Near Me

Hypnosis for overeating is a complex topic but it can be helped with therapy. Fast dieting is never the solution and weight loss hypnosis is not all about suggesting you eat less. Remember a good weight loss hypnotherapist will work with you to help you address the root causes of your problem. Anyone who suggests to you that they can just magic the problem away in one session is lying to you. Be prepared to take some time to work on yourself and make an effort and altering your lifestyle and habit.

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