Coronavirus Anxiety – Mental Health Support Nottingham

During the latest Coronavirus crisis it is really important to look after your mental and physical health. Sensationalist headlines and constant bombardment with doom and gloom media reports can have a profound impact on how you feel. We know that our clients who have problems with anxiety, stress and OCD are particularly finding things difficult Continue reading »

Can Hypnosis Relieve Anxiety?

When it comes to anxiety most of our clients will have tried every form of conventional help first. They will have been to their GP and probably been prescribed medication or they will have attended CBT or counselling sessions way before any other possibilities are considered. If these traditional routes don’t work they start to Continue reading »

How to Overcome Public Speaking Anxiety

Does the thought of speaking out loud in front of others terrify you? Do you dread your boss asking you to do a presentation at work or in front of clients. Are you petrified of having to make a speech at a wedding? Or do you perhaps fear just talking out loud in front of Continue reading »

Panic Attack Treatment – How Therapy Can Help

Panic Disorder Panic disorder is one of a number of anxiety disorders which causes a person to experience regular and sometimes unexpected panic attacks. These panic attacks create feelings of intense fear, shaking, dizziness, worry about breathing, numbness and a general feeling that something dreadful is about to happen. Most people can’t seem to put Continue reading »

OCD Therapy – 4 Ways Hypnosis Can Help.

Can Hypnotherapy Help OCD? Obsessional Compulsive Disorder is usually treated with a combination of medication and CBT but what happens when neither of these methods is making any difference to a patient? OCD therapy with hypnosis is an alternative approach that works with the subconscious mind rather than just the conscious which can be useful Continue reading »

Stress Therapy in Nottingham

There isn’t one person on this planet who doesn’t suffer from stress in one form or other. Stress happens to all at some point in our lives perhaps because of work, relationships, money or illness. For the most part we are usually able to cope with a certain amount of stress. We may even thrive Continue reading »

Guided Sleep Meditation for Insomnia

If you have been experiencing problems getting a good nights sleep then our guided sleep meditation for Insomnia can help you to relax your mind and switch off in the evening. Generally when our clients are experiencing problems with their sleep they are suffering from issues related to anxiety or too much stress. When we Continue reading »

Self Help for Anxiety – New Online Course

Having worked with thousands of clients with anxiety over the past ten years I quickly understood that it was going to be impossible to see everyone who needed my help. Anxiety hypnosis is relatively quick in comparison to most therapies but even working all day every day I will only get to see a small Continue reading »

5 Ways to Get Anxiety Relief With Hypnosis

Anxiety is disruptive, frightening and and brings a whole host of negative physical symptoms yet with the right help it is possible to change the way that you think, feel and behave. Here are 5 ways you can get anxiety relief with hypnosis. Relaxation and Stress Reduction Hypnotherapy Hypnosis is a great way of getting Continue reading »

OCD Treatment and Hypnotherapy

OCD is a hugely debilitating form of anxiety and if you are suffering from the condition then it can be extremely hard to know where to get help. In fact less than 10% of adults who have the condition are currently in any form of treatment for the problem. Most of our clients will have Continue reading »