Stress Therapy in Nottingham

There isn’t one person on this planet who doesn’t suffer from stress in one form or other. Stress happens to all at some point in our lives perhaps because of work, relationships, money or illness. For the most part we are usually able to cope with a certain amount of stress. We may even thrive on it and feel that it makes us perform better but when it is prolonged and unrelenting our stress therapy in Nottingham may be needed.

Stress and Anxiety Treatments

Usually our clients suffering from stress come in to see us for one of these reasons.

Firstly they have a short term stress and they are finding it difficult to cope. Examples of this may be huge worries about a driving test, exam or best man’s speech. Our job is to help them overcome this short term stress so that they achieve what they need to without feeling so nervous or upset that they want to quit.

The second set of clients have experienced a period of prolonged stress and this has now created bigger problems for them such as anxiety or depression. An example of this may be someone who has to work really long hours at work whilst looking after elderly parents. They are just about coping but their excessive stress might be stopping them from sleeping properly or making them irritable and upset.

Finally we have clients whose stress has not become out of control and spiraled into anxiety. Now they have a feeling of dread or fear that follows them around. Perhaps they are experiencing panic attacks or are finding it difficult to follow their normal routines.

Our stress therapy in Nottingham can help with all these different scenarios even though they appear very different.

Got a problem with anxiety, stress or panic attacks? Get a copy of our free download to help manage the problem.

Free stress therapy download

Hypnosis for Stress Relief

Why is hypnosis so useful for stress relief? Because it is a state of focused relaxation that allows you to switch part of your brain off. You subconscious mind will be listening to what we say but that overwhelmed conscious mind can have a rest. Most people don’t take proper time out to rest and really unwind. During our hypnosis for stress sessions we make it a requirement that you take time out every day. Doing this alone can make a huge difference to your well-being.

This is only part of the possible benefits of our stress therapy in Nottingham. We also look at your sleeping patterns and help you to get a better nights sleep. We give our clients a strict sleep routine to follow which can help the mind to switch off in the evening. By switching off your busy active mind you can fall into a deep sleep and get a proper nights rest. Getting a good nights sleep can make a big difference to how you feel and will allow you to cope with stress more easily.

Stress and Anxiety Treatments

When we are working with short term stress such as worries about exams or tests we also use positive visualisation as a tool combined with mental rehearsal. The aim is to build confidence and to reduce the worry about the situation. With some practice the fear response starts to lessen as the brain has become used to imagining a more positive scenario.

We also may give you some general advice to help you manage your stress in a better way. Often it can be difficult to find a solution when you are in a situation that doesn’t allow you to think clearly. A stress therapist can make all the difference by getting you to look at alternative viewpoints.

Guided Meditation Stress

In addition to the work we conduct with clients in our sessions we also help them to practice self-hypnosis for stress at home. Every client who has this issue will get a copy of our relaxation and stress reduction guided meditation download. If you are suffering from stress or anxiety you can buy a copy in our online shop to use at home.

guided meditation stress reductionguided meditation stress

Overcoming Stress

If you would like to arrange stress therapy in Nottingham or conduct sessions with us online simply fill out the form below or give us a call. We have worked with teachers, doctors, lawyers, accountants, bankers to name just a few professions. Overcoming stress does not have to be difficult you just sometimes need a helping hand to show you how.

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