Hypnosis to Stop Drinking – 4 Ways to Kick Your Bad Habit

hypnosis to stop drinkingHypnotherapy for Alcohol Reduction

Hypnosis to stop drinking or to moderate your drinking is a useful tool to alter the way you think. At our clinics we used alcohol reduction hypnosis to help clients change their habits and behaviours to something more useful and productive for them. Most of the drinkers we see have habits which are out of control yet with some simple tools and strategies it is possible to make positive changes. These clients are not alcoholics merely caught up in a cycle of negative habits which they find it difficult to escape from.

Alcohol and Anxiety and Stress

One of the leading causes of excessive drinking with our clients is stress and anxiety. Our lives tend to be much more full on than they have been in the past. People are working longer hours and often that work tends to come home with them in the evening. They will read emails, make phone calls and not give themselves a chance to switch off. Combine this with looking after children, running a house, outside obligations and clubs and there is never any down time.

Now add in the fact that alcohol is much more freely available. Years ago it was perhaps only acceptable to drink at home if you were having a party. Now advertising actively encourages you to buy a bottle of wine and relax in the garden on a summers day. So the odd glass of wine in the night, turns into two or three and eventually over time becomes a bottle or more!

Our hypnosis to stop drinking or to moderate alcohol consumption firstly looks at how we can help our clients to manage their stresses and anxiety so they feel calmer and more in control without a wine glass or a bottle of beer in their hand.

How to Stop Alcohol Cravings with Hypnosis

Most people are unaware that their cravings are not always related to addiction but down to classic conditioning. In other words if you do the same thing repeatedly at the same time every day eventually it will feel odd if you don’t do it any more.

So if you choose to drink four glasses of wine starting at 7pm in the evening and have done that every day for a year you have created a pattern of behaviour. Now you decide on the first day of the New Year that you don’t want to do that any more. Well of course your brain feels that something is missing or wrong and tries to compel you to do what you have always done.

Our hypnosis to stop drinking addresses psychological conditioning which in turn can help you break the patterns that you have created over time.

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Free Drink Less Quick Start Guide

Change The Way you Think About Alcohol

Hypnotherapy for alcohol reduction is all about changing the way you think. Hypnosis helps a therapist give new positive suggestions to your subconscious mind. By repetition of those suggestions it is possible to change the way you think without being consciously involved in the process.

An extreme example of this is aversion therapy. Imagine that under hypnosis your hypnotherapist started to suggest to you that the white wine you were drinking was really urine. As they continued their suggestions they built up that thought in your head so that the wine felt disgusting to you. Now outside of hypnosis you look at the glass of wine and your mind can only think about the horrible suggestion.

Alternatively the hypnotherapist can suggest all the amazing benefits that you will get from not drinking alcohol. Once again if these benefits seem appealing enough it makes it so much easier to imagine yourself drinking less.

Hypnosis to Quit Drinking by Boosting Confidence

A negative mindset is almost guaranteed not to get you the results you want. So many of our clients come in to our sessions and say to themselves that it is “too hard”or “impossible” for them to change. Well of course it is if your thinking automatically sets you up to fail.

Negative thinking is also a prime reason why problems can often spiral out of control. You have too many drinks one night and feel terrible the next day. You mentally beat yourself up about what you did calling yourself a loser or an idiot. So what do we do when we feel bad about something? Yep you guessed it we use the thing that we feel might make us feel better. In this case it is alcohol but it could also be drugs, food or even shopping. We feel better momentarily or forget our worries until the next morning when the whole cycle starts again.

We help our clients to build their confidence and start being more positive towards themselves. As you feel more positive your confidence grows and your ability to create good change starts to grow.

Drink Less Alcohol Sessions

There is no magic associated with hypnosis. It is a form of therapy that involves collaboration between the therapist and client. Yet when the underlying reasons for a problem are addressed and our clients are able to think more clearly it becomes so much easier to make positive change.

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