Sleep Treatment in Nottingham

sleep treatment nottinghamSo you have insomnia, what do you do now? You think you have tried all the usual strategies, going to bed on time and trying to switch off in the evening but when your head hits the pillow your mind won’t switch off and there you are lying wide awake. The first night doesn’t seem such a problem but when your insomnia starts to last for weeks or even months or years anxiety starts to creep in and now you are dreading going to bed. This is when we usually get a call from a potential client asking us about our sleep treatment in Nottingham.

Sleep Disorders Treatment

When we are working with our clients for sleep issues we hear the same stories again and again. Either our clients will have had a problem with sleep for years or their insomnia appeared suddenly seemingly out of nowhere and now it is making their lives a misery. In many cases our clients simply don’t have a clue what the underlying problem is meaning we often have to do a little detective work to find out what is going on.

Some of the main issues we see with sleep include being unable to fall asleep or falling asleep but waking up in the middle of the night. However we also see clients who have issues with night terrors, sleepwalking or even sleep paralysis. In most cases the root cause of the problem is either poor sleep routines or anxiety and stress.

How to Beat Insomnia

In our first session with our clients we always take a full assessment to see what may be going on. Is the person anxious, stressed at work, going through relationship problems or suffering from an illness? Do they have a good sleep routine or do they push themselves to their limits which is impacting their health?

Our first sleep treatment in Nottingham is to ask our clients to follow a very strict routine devised by our clinic which has a great success rate in resetting sleep patterns providing it is followed to the letter. As part of this routine our clients are given a sleep hypnosis download to listen to which helps to switch off the mind. If you want to try this download at home it is available to buy in our online store.

Sleep Hypnosis NottinghamSleep hypnosis download audio app

For many people simply implementing a sleep routine and using self hypnosis for sleep will be enough to stop the problem. Yet for a number of our clients we have to take a step forward and take a look to see if there are any bigger underlying causes making our clients have problems. We can almost guarantee that when insomnia is the problem it is likely to be issues with anxiety and stress.

Problems Sleeping and Anxiety

One of our biggest sleep treatments in Nottingham involves finding out the underlying causes of insomnia. Our clients are usually unaware that the anxieties and problems stopping them from sleeping are not just linked to events currently happening but to issues that may go back years and years. We had one client whose sleeping problems were linked to a scary film he had seen as a child. When he went to bed that night as a child he was afraid that something would come and hurt him so he tried not to go to sleep. This nightly ritual of staying awake continued until years later he had forgotten what started the problem. This is where hypnosis comes into its own by helping our clients get to the bottom of what is going on.

Sleep Hypnosis Vs Sleeping Pills

The University of Zurich and Fribourg has just run a study showing that hypnosis increased the quality of sleep meaning that there would be no need for the participants in the study to use medication to beat insomnia. As sleep hypnosis is an entirely natural treatment it means that our clients don’t pump themselves full of something that could create nasty side effects.  Sleeping tablets have only recently been found to increase chances of death!

Arranging Hypnotherapy for Sleep

If you have a problem with insomnia and would like to try one of our sleep treatment in Nottingham simply give us a call today on 01636 650 521 and we’ll be happy to have a short chat with you on the phone about your problem.


Sleep Treatment in Nottingham
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