Binge Eating Causes

binge eating causes When we first get a call from a potential client with binge eating disorder we invariably get asked can we help them with weight loss. This is because so many people suffer from the problem and assume that the issue is down to them not being able to diet. They consider themselves failed dieters but don’t understand that binge eating causes are mostly nothing to do with food at all.  So what exactly does create the problem?

Causes of Eating Disorders

Here are just some of the reasons why our clients have suffered from binge eating order:

Low Self-Esteem – A typical phrase that we might hear a client say is that they aren’t good enough. They have a hard and fast belief system that whatever they do it isn’t enough and that they consider themselves inferior to those around them. These beliefs are generally formulated in childhood and are categorically untrue but as long as our client believes them food becomes a way of blotting out their negative feelings.

Over Dieting – Clients with binge eating disorder will have spent a lifetime dieting. They follow faddy and extreme diets which are impossible to keep up as they are left hungry. This means that the mind thinks it is in starvation mode so when food is around the temptation is to eat as much of it as they possibly can in a really short space of time. The binge eating cycle just gets repeated over and over so that in the end the person with the disorder feels like they are on a hamster wheel getting nowhere.

Perfectionism – The need to do everything perfectly is another reason for this eating disorder. The person with the problem will feel the need to work harder, get better exam results or look better than those around them. Of course perfectionism is impossible to keep up and when they fail to live up to their extremely high standards the binge eating starts.

Loneliness – We have seen a small percentage of our clients eating too much because they feel lonely and food fills the void and comforts them. This loneliness does not necessarily mean that they are all alone in the world but perceive that their loved ones could leave them or simply don’t understand them.

Anxiety and Stress – The Binge eating causes above are just some of the examples we see along with problems with anxiety and stress. It can sometimes be difficult to understand what came first. Did our client always have anxiety which fuels their eating problems or are their binges causing the feels of anxiety? Our job is to help our clients unravel the problem.

Binge Eating Hypnosis

Binge eating hypnosis is a great tool at getting to the heart of the problem. Most of our clients have no idea why they are experiencing a problem with food when they come to see us. Our binge eating hypnotherapy programs are designed to help get our clients relaxed enough so that we can get the real problem our through our therapy. Once we are aware of what the real issues are it is much easier to direct our work at the specific problem rather than using a one size fits all approach.

Binge Eating Self Help

We have a number of tools that people with binge eating disorder can use on their own before they commit to therapy. Firstly we have our Free Stop Binge Eating Cheat Sheet which can be used to help our clients understand the reasons behind their problem and help them make small changes.

In addition we sell a self hypnosis for binge eating audio download which can be used to change subconscious thinking. This audio download is available to purchase in our online store.

Binge Eating Hypnosis Download appStop Binge Eating self help

Binge Eating Therapy

If you want to discuss binge eating causes with us or would like help for an eating disorder just contact us for a free telephone consultation on 01636 650 521 or fill out the form below. Our binge eating therapy programs are designed to help our clients take back control over food rather than allowing it to control them.

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