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Confidence Therapy in NottinghamWhat if there was a part of you that was always looking out for you and trying to keep you safe? What if that part would do anything in its power to stop you from doing things which it felt were upsetting, embarrassing or scary? What if that part of you was so determined to carry out its mission that it would make you feel scared, sick, and extremely worried so that it would get its own way? What if that part of you was real and that without help it will continue doing to the same thing over and over no matter how consciously you desire to do something else? Welcome to the world of self-confidence therapy in Nottingham.

Low Self-Esteem and Lack of Confidence

The scenario that I have just talked about is in fact very real. We have various parts of our personality which develop as we grow. Typically the parts of ourselves that govern our confidence and anxieties are formed between the ages of 3 and 7 years old. This is a time in our development when we are still learning but have little control over our environment, relationships or choices. It therefore does not take very much for the child to feel anxious, fearful or embarrassed because of circumstances out of their control. When these incidents happen and the child fears what is happening the brain switches on a self-defence mechanism which will do everything it can to stop a similar incident happening again.

Years later this self-defence mechanism is still running in the background. As and adult you probably have never even thought about that original incident but you do know that you feel “shy”, “lack confidence” or have feelings of “not being good enough”. You think this is just the way things have always been but in fact it is a learned behaviour that masks your true personality. As therapists our job is to help you discover who you really are and shake off anxious feelings which no longer serve any purpose or have relevance in your life.

Hypnotherapy for Confidence

We primarily use hypnosis as self-confidence therapy in Nottingham. This is because hypnotherapy tends to be a relatively quick form of therapy that gets to the heart of the problem quickly. When you are in hypnosis you are in a very relaxed state which makes it much easier to get our clients to remember the incidents which created their problem all those years ago. Conventional counselling or CBT may never hit on the original problem but in hypnosis we know that at least 90% of our clients will be able to see the bigger picture for the first time.

Getting the subconscious mind to give up this information is half the battle as once we know exactly what the problem was that started confidence problems it becomes so much easier to direct therapy at the exact issue rather than guessing. In fact in many cases just knowing what caused the original problem is enough to create a shift in thinking in our clients. Once this shift occurs they start to find that their original anxieties start to vanish and they start doing things which previously would have seemed out of the question for them.

Self-Help for Confidence

Although one to one sessions are a great way of tackling the root causes of problems it is also possible to feel more confident by using self-help to create a change in mindset. Our self-hypnosis for confidence download is a perfect way of helping our clients create changes in the way they think from the comfort of their own home. It is available to buy in our online store and is designed to be listened to daily to create positive change.

Confidence therapy in Nottinghamconfidence therapy in nottingham

Booking Confidence Coaching Sessions

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Confidence Therapy in Nottingham
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