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Online Anxiety course - anxiety self helpHaving worked with thousands of clients with anxiety over the past ten years I quickly understood that it was going to be impossible to see everyone who needed my help. Anxiety hypnosis is relatively quick in comparison to most therapies but even working all day every day I will only get to see a small number of people who need my help. So I started work on my new online course offering self help for anxiety.

Online Anxiety Course

The only way to ensure more people get help for their anxiety was to create an online course that could be watched by anyone at any time they found convenient to them. So this course offers self help for anxiety by teaching you why you are likely to have anxiety and what you can do to manage it or in many cases get rid of it completely.  All the tips, strategies and therapy used in the course have been tried and tested on my clients and get great results providing time is taken to follow the advice given.

Stop Anxiety Techniques

To teach you how to manage anxiety there are a series of eight videos which guide you through some of the most common problems associated with the condition. You will be given information on sleep problems, fears and phobias, worrying and negative thinking, panic attacks and much more. Each of the videos either offers explanations for your triggers and gives you some simple stop anxiety techniques you can use to take back control of the condition.

Anxiety Self Help

Anxiety self help is popular because not everyone is comfortable coming to see a therapist. Also some people simply haven’t got the money to see an anxiety therapist for one to one sessions. Therefore an online anxiety course offers a great alternative for people who have the capability to manage their own anxiety but just don’t know how. If you have any doubts on whether this course is suitable for your particular problem feel free to contact us.

Free Anxiety Help

Free Anxiety Cheat Sheet

Self-Hypnosis for Anxiety

As well as the videos in the course you will also be given access to five hypnosis downloads to assist with self-hypnosis. Self-hypnosis for anxiety is an important part of the program as it teaches you how to relax and change your subconscious thinking which is making you fearful or upset. You will also be able to download an online anxiety eBook which is used to accompany the course.

Getting Instant Access to Our Online Anxiety Tools

Interested in using self help for anxiety? Simply follow the link and get instant access to our videos, downloads and eBook.

Stop Anxiety online course and downloadsself help anxiety online course


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