Anxiety Therapy Online Course – Anxiety Self Help Course


Anxiety Therapy Online Course


Our Anxiety Self Help Course has been designed to help you to manage your anxiety and stress levels through the use of techniques involving mindfulness,  hypnosis, visualisation, CBT and relaxation. With over four hours of video and audio content we show you how to regain control of your worries and fears using entirely natural anxiety relief strategies.*

  • Module 1 – Introduction to the Course
  • Module 2 – Information about Anxiety and Why you Feel Fear and Worry
  • Module 3 – 6 Steps to Help You Become Anxiety Free
  • Module 4 – Help to Stop Worry and Negative Thinking
  • Module 5 – Taking Control Over Panic Attacks
  • Module 6 – Assistance with Anxiety and Sleep Problems
  • Module 7 – Further Techniques to Manage Anxiety
  • Module 8 – Final Words*

During this course you will be taken step by step through the treatment that we use to help our clients manage their anxiety. The content is shared as a video program however as part of the course you will also be given access to the mp3 audio files which will allow you to download the self hypnosis audio sections of the course onto your phone, computer or tablet. You will also able to download an Anxiety Management eBook that accompanies the course.*

There is no set time limit by which you need to complete the course which means that you can take the course at your own pace. We recommend that you regularly practice the self hypnosis sections and the exercises given during the course for better results. Generally at least one of the audios on this program should be listened to daily until you feel better able to manage your symptoms. As with any general course  you may find certain aspects of the course more useful than others depending on the symptoms of anxiety that you are experiencing. *

We recommend that when you are listening or watching the course have as few distractions as possible. In particular the audio and video self hypnosis sections should not be attempted when you are driving, operating machinery or in place where you need to concentrate on another activity. *

Before commencing on this course we advise that you first consult with your GP. If you are suffering from extreme anxiety involving thoughts of self harm or suicidal thoughts we strongly advise that you visit your doctor.*

Important note. Your course confirmation and products will arrive via email but if you do not choose to add us as a preferred sender the email may go to your spam file. This email is important as it will contain a link to the video content and password!

* Disclaimer – Please note that as this course is a form of therapy we are unable to guarantee results which may vary from person to person.

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