Can Hypnotherapy Help with Drinking?

Drink Less Alcohol HypnosisWe regularly get clients calling us and asking the question can hypnotherapy help with drinking? They want to know if hypnosis is a magic wand that can stop them instantly drinking forever without any effort. The answer is yes hypnosis can help you to moderate or even stop your drinking but probably not in the way you were thinking.

How to Reduce Alcohol Consumption Safely

Firstly where possible with our clients we want them to reduce their alcohol consumption safely. If you are a regular heavy drinker then you should never go from drinking lots every day to absolutely nothing. Any good therapist will tell you that there should be a staged reduction for your health. We don’t tend to deal with severe alcoholism as these clients need specialist detox clinics but we do deal regularly with people drinking one to two bottles of wine a night. We never suggest cutting back to nothing straight away. Firstly our hypnosis suggestions would be looking at habit reversal and gradual reduction so that our clients are finally drinking only a moderate amount. Only then would we look at alcohol free evenings. If you are ever in any doubt always consult your doctor.

Hypnotherapy for Drinking to Address The Roots Of Your Issue 

Hypnotherapy for drinking does not work just by suggestion alone it looks at the root causes of your problem not the symptoms. Remember in just about every case the drinking is not the real problem. Our clients are using the alcohol as a coping mechanism for other issues. For example they are trying to hold down a hugely stressful job and so in order to switch off in the evening they drink to relax their mind and forget about their day. We work with our clients to find out what the real problem is:

Find the underlying problem and deal with that through therapy and the issue with drinking will start to reduce.

Want help to drink less? Why not download our FREE Drink Less Quick Start Guide to help you create healthier habits.

Free Drink Less Quick Start Guide

Free Drink Less Quick Start Guide

Drink Less By Changing Habits

As well as addressing the root causes of a problem a good hypnotherapist will also look at habits. Many drinkers are victims of classic conditioning and they don’t even know it. Put simply they have done the same thing over and over for days, weeks or even years so now the mind automatically expects them to do it again even though consciously they don’t want to.

Imagine that every night you have come home from work at 7pm, grabbed a glass of wine and sat down in front of the TV to unwind. You do this on average five or six days a week so that the habit becomes automatic. You now resolve to drink less but when you come home the urge to get a glass of wine is too strong because your mind expects it after years of creating the habit. Can hypnotherapy help with drinking less in this scenario?

Yes it can because hypnosis for drinking helps you to change subconscious thinking patterns as well as creating new healthier habits. Where possible your hypnotherapist may also teach you mindfulness exercises to break the pattern and make it easier for you to alter your behaviour.

Alcohol Meditation and Self Hypnosis

As part of our drink less alcohol programs we also give our clients an alcohol meditation hypnosis download to listen to daily. This helps by giving suggestions for change to the subconscious mind. Listened to regularly this audio can help to calm down anxiety and stress which are some of the major reasons why people drink too much as well as assisting in changing subconscious thinking. All our clients get the drink less alcohol meditation for free in our program but if you would like to try the audio then you can purchase a copy in our online store.

Drink Less Alcohol meditation download
alcohol meditation

Hypnosis for Alcohol Reduction Near Me

Can hypnotherapy help with drinking? Yes it can with a skilled hypnotherapist and alcohol reduction program. Get help to change your thinking, old habits and emotional issues related to alcohol. Our four session drink less program is designed to help you to feel happier and healthier. Find out more by giving us a call on 01636 650 521 or filling out our contact form. Sessions available at our clinics in Nottinghamshire or online worldwide.

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