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panic attack treatment in NottinghamA common problem that we see regularly when dealing with anxiety clients is the issue of panic attacks. For those of you who are unsure about what a panic attack is think of a feeling of overwhelming fear that makes you want to get out of whatever situation you are in no matter where you are. Couple that with an inability to seemingly catch your breath and a racing heart is it any wonder that many of our clients with the issue head straight to the nearest hospital fearing a heart attack. Our panic attack treatment in Nottingham is designed to help our clients understand what is really going on and then help them to gain control over the situation.

Panic Attack Causes

So why might you be experiencing panic attacks? Well in order to answer that question we often have to delve into your past to establish the root causes of your anxiety. Once upon a time in your life an event happened that scared, upset or embarrassed you. That event made such a mark on you that part of your brain (the subconscious) put in place a survival mechanism to make sure you never encountered that issue again.  So as an example you got locked in the garden shed (a true story from one of our clients) and as a little child were petrified that you would never get out again. The fear that you experienced was logged in your subconscious and it now runs a program to make sure you never have to go through that again.

Years later you are getting on a plane for the first time and the doors are locked. Immediately you start to experience a panic attack and freak out about being stuck in the plane. In your adult brain you convince yourself that it is a fear of flying because you have totally forgotten or stuck the earlier incident so far into the back of your mind that you cannot connect the two. Our job as therapists is to help you remember the original incident so that your brain can rationalise what happened and reprocess the information. Hypnosis for anxiety is a great tool at helping to get this information from our clients relatively quickly.

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Dealing With Panic Attacks

Our panic attack treatment in Nottingham helps our clients to overcome the problem in two ways. Firstly by going back through memories to address the root causes of the problem. We find that this is an essential part of the jigsaw puzzle as without this information the problem may never be fully resolved.  Secondly we teach our clients methods and strategies to deal with the panic when it arises so that the problem can be managed quickly and easily without becoming a full blown incident.

How do You Stop A Panic Attack?

Panic attacks can be stopped and one of the first things we teach our clients to do is not expect them. People falsely connect panic attacks with previous places and situations where they may have felt the fear. So if they experience a feeling of panic on a certain junction of the motorway they convince themselves that the next time they get to that junction the attack with happen. The more they think about having the attack the more likely they are to make it happen.

In addition we give strategies to our clients to help them ride through the feelings of panic if they get them. We remind our clients that although this feeling is scary it is never designed to harm or hurt them. In fact it is a powerful part of the mind doing everything it can to protect them!

Self-Hypnosis for Panic Attacks

An easy way to deal with panic attacks is to learn self-hypnosis so that you can learn the tools and strategies for yourself. We make this easy for our clients as we give them a self-hypnosis audio to listen to daily as part of their therapy. This audio gives them tools they can use themselves plus is teaches them to practice deep relaxation which lessens feelings of anxiety or stress. This audio is available to buy in our online store.

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