How to Stop Binge Eating Hypnosis

How to Stop Binge Eating Hypnosis hypnotherapyTime and time again we get clients ringing us asking for weight loss sessions because of their binge eating. Yet people with this eating disorder who are striving to lose weight don’t realise that their weight loss quest is one of the big things that is fueling their problem. They will have previously signed up to all the major slimming groups, exercised or even done faddy shake diets and found that their binge eating has just got worse and worse sending them into a tailspin. The way how to stop binge eating is to do the very thing that your mind doesn’t seem to want you to do and that is stop the diets.

All our clients with binge eating disorder have a different problem that isn’t linked to food they just don’t know it yet. The food is the symptom of the underlying problem. It is the treat, the comfort that they use to soothe themselves or forget about the problem but it is not the real issue which is masked by the overeating. Our how to stop binge eating hypnosis sessions concentrate on helping our clients understand what the real issue is rather than putting them on yet another diet that will not work.

What causes Binge Eating?

The first issue that causes binge eating is the very act of overdieting itself. The person with the issue will resolve to eat only so called healthy foods in small quantities and then get disappointed when they can’t sustain this way of eating for very long. The body is hungry and missing normal food intake so suddenly the person gets an urge to overeat large quantities of food in order to make up for this shortfall and so the binge eating cycle begins.

However it isn’t just dieting that causes binge eating it is also emotional problems that have been unresolved. Our therapy for binge eating involves trying to find out what our clients triggers are so that we can calm down the problem eating.

Emotional Eating Help

Here are just some of the other issues that we find exacerbate binge eating disorder:

Anxiety and Stress – When our clients are suffering from anxiety or high levels of stress they may turn to food as a way of dissociating or escaping from the problem. At our clinics we work with our clients to help them resolve these underlying fears so that the anxiety is reduced or eradicated thereby ending the problem with binge eating.

Perfectionism – Many binge eating clients don’t just feel that their diets should be perfect and full of “healthy” foods they also believe that their lives should be that way. They tend to strive harder to get things right in every area of their life and beat themselves up when they don’t match their high standards. When that negative critical self-talk begins so do the binges.

Low Self-Esteem – We hear the phrase “not good enough” said in our clinics all the time. Yet what exactly is good enough? Usually this unhealthy thought process has been created by something that has happened to them in childhood that makes them feel as if there is something not right with them.

Loneliness – We know that our how to stop binge eating hypnosis sessions need to check to see if our clients have a fear of being alone. These underlying fears often trigger binges when they feel vulnerable and by themselves.

Binge Eating Self-Help

If you were trying to address how to stop emotional eating binges when you are on your own then discovering the root cause of your particular problem is key. Think about what your triggers are and keep a diary to examine your emotions and critical self-talk. Once this has been determined then you will need to go about addressing this root cause rather than focussing on the problem eating. If the underlying problem is resolved the eating issues change.

Binge Eating Meditation

If you need something to help wth the process our Stop Binge Eating Hypnosis Download can help to change unconscious thought patterns and help our clients reduce anxiety and stress. This audio download can be purchased in our online store.

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