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Panic disorder is one of a number of anxiety disorders which causes a person to experience regular and sometimes unexpected panic attacks. These panic attacks create feelings of intense fear, shaking, dizziness, worry about breathing, numbness and a general feeling that something dreadful is about to happen. Most people can’t seem to put their finger on why exactly the attack is happening and doctors may describe them an unexplained but this is very rarely the case. Panic attack treatment using therapy aims to solve the mystery of why they are happening so that the real reason of the problem is addressed and helped.

Panic Attack for No Reason

We regularly get clients who come into our clinic and tell us that they are experiencing random panic attacks. They tell us they appear out of nowhere and overwhelm them but they are usually mystified as to why they may be occurring. This is where the therapist starts to play detective to hunt down what really might be happening as they are generally far from random.

In my clinic we start by taking a comprehensive case history from our clients to understand more about their life. Do they have stress? Have they experience anxiety anywhere else? Do they have fears and phobias? How long has the problem been going on for? This form of questioning takes up a big portion of the first session as it begins to give us clues as to why the problem exists.

Panic attacks are simply the brains way of warning us of danger. In the past a client will have experienced a problem, upset, scare or embarrassment. From that point on the brain enters into protection mode and wants to stop something similar happening again. This event can have happened years before so it can be hard for a client to connect the dots. As therapists we help our clients understand the message they are getting from the mind and help them overcome the fear.

Our Five Step Formula to Manage Anxiety And Panic

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Panic attack treatment
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Anxiety and Panic Attacks

One of the first areas we check when we are questioning our clients is whether they are already suffering from either anxiety, fears or phobias or stress. In the vast majority of cases these will increase the likelihood of panic attacks. So if you have been looking after a sick family member, are trying to hold down a full time job, have a worry about money or are experiencing any other stressor your chances of feeling anxiety or panic will increase.  Stress and anxiety reduction is where we start our panic attack treatment protocol as it can significantly reduce the response.

Fears and phobias can also elicit panic attacks but they are not always what they seem. For example a client can call us and tell us that they are experiencing panic attacks on a plane. They will naturally assume they have a fear of flying. Our therapy however may find that actually they suffer from claustrophobia, social anxiety or a fear of loss of control which is not the same thing. Finding the root cause of a problem can be extremely important in resolving an issue.

Panic Attacks At Work

The location where you may suffer from the attacks is also interesting to a therapist. For example a common problem is panic attacks at work. There can be a large number of reasons as to why they is happening and a therapist will always ask lots of questions to get clues as to where the problem may lie.

If you have a nasty boss are you feeling panic because of fear of being told off? Do you have a fear of getting things wrong or making a mistake as that can also create problems. Alternatively do you find it difficult dealing with social situations or people in authority? Are you making presentations or speaking in front of others and that is causing the problem. A therapist can help you identify the source of the fear.

Panic Attacks in Sleep

You don’t always need to be consciously aware to experience a panic attack.  Many people with panic disorder experience problems in their sleep and are woken by the fear. Once again a good therapist will work with you to identify why the problem is occurring. Once again stress and anxiety are the main culprits but issues such as medication, alcohol, drugs, illness or bereavement can also cause a problem. Usually if you can make a person calmer in their normal day to day life then you can also calm down the problem at night.

Natural Remedies for Panic Disorder

As part of our therapy we use hypnosis for Panic Disorder as it is a great form of deep relaxation. It is also a very quick way of getting our clients calm enough for them to tell us what is going on in their unconscious mind. When our clients are in a trance state they are still awake but able to analyse what is going on in their mind much more easily. We use hypnotic trance as a panic attack treatment as it is one of the simplest ways to get to the heart of the problem.

Self-Hypnosis for Panic Attacks

All our clients also get a guided meditation for panic attacks audio download to listen to between each of their sessions. This helps them to practice regular relaxation and learn methods to calm themselves if they experience any feelings of panic. You can purchase this audio download in our online store to use at home.

Guided Meditation Panic Attacksguided meditation panic attacks

Hypnosis for Panic Attacks

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