How to Overcome Public Speaking Anxiety

Does the thought of speaking out loud in front of others terrify you? Do you dread your boss asking you to do a presentation at work or in front of clients. Are you petrified of having to make a speech at a wedding? Or do you perhaps fear just talking out loud in front of any crowd even if it is just a social occasion? If so you are not alone as millions of people around the world worry about their public speaking anxiety on a daily basis and for some it is ruining their lives.

What Causes a Fear of Public Speaking?

Many of our clients believe that they were born with this fear. They may describe themselves as shy or introverted and can’t think of a time before they had the fear but this isn’t the case. When we are born we only have two fears. The first is a fear of loud noises and the second is a fear of falling. This means that somewhere along the way a fear of speaking in public is a learned or copied behaviour.

As experts in anxieties and fears we know that something will have happened to you to create your fear but the question is what? During our public speaking therapy sessions our aim is to try and get you to remember the original incident that caused the problem and then help you to relearn the response you adopted as a coping or safety mechanism. We need to understand whether you have a fear of embarrassing yourself, being judged, being trapped or something entirely different that is triggering the fear.

Public Speaking Therapy

Public speaking anxiety can be overcome in a number of different ways. Simple anxiety and stress reduction can have a great impact on reducing the fear but it generally doesn’t eradicate it completely. Exposure therapy can also help. In other words getting you to practice speaking in front of others regularly so that it seems so common place that you no longer even think about it but it can be difficult to arrange this.

Our number one preferred way of resolving the problem is by finding the root causes of the problem and then aiming therapy at the underlying thought process that has been running usually since childhood. During our sessions with you we aim to take you back through your memories to remember the initial trigger incident and to do this we usually use hypnosis to help.

Hypnosis for Glossophobia

Hypnosis is a great therapy tool to use for fears and phobias as it creates deeply relaxed states which allow your mind to remember incidents which you may not have connected with your public speaking anxiety. As you are calmer and more at ease these memories and thoughts are easier to access than when you are in a totally conscious state. As therapists we love to ask questions to our clients when they are in this more chilled out state as things pop into the mind that have often been long forgotten. We are always amazed at where the problems have started but here are some common reasons.

  • Your teacher humiliated you in front of your classmates and you learned to hide at the back of the class and not speak.
  • You were in a school play and something went wrong embarrassing you on stage.
  • Your father/mother would put you on the spot in front of their friends and you used to get embarrassed.
  • You actually have a fear of being trapped and being in the spotlight makes you feel that you can’t get away.

Of course these are just examples but they give you an idea of the issues that we see that are often the culprits behind the problem.

Self-Hypnosis for Public Speaking

All our clients receive a stop public speaking anxiety hypnosis download audio. You can purchase our best selling audio to help public speaking in our shop.

self hypnosis public speaking anxietyself hypnosis public speaking anxiety

Public Speaking Tips

As well as working with clients on the underlying fears behind their public speaking anxiety I also help them with tips and strategies to make taking in front of others easier. My original career for example was in the corporate world and I regularly used to make presentations sometimes in front of hundreds of people. This means that I know what is takes to be a successful public speaker. With a little practice, therapy and a helping hand it is possible to remove the fears and worries.

All my clients are taught how to prepare, practice, relax and slow down their speech. They are helped to change their body language and to make eye contact with their audience. Learning the basics and combining this with public speaking therapy can make a huge difference to how you feel when you stand up in front of others.

Booking Sessions for Public Speaking Anxiety

If you have a fear of a worry about public speaking anxiety then you can arrange a short complimentary discussion with me to discuss your particular problems. This can be done by calling 01636 650 521. Alternatively simply fill out the form below and I will arrange to call you at a suitable time. Remember public speaking fears are learned which means that they can just as easily be stopped with the right help.

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